Sportsnet's Lefko picks us on Saturday !!

Woo hoo! LOVE what he says about IWS too!

Saskatchewan (2-0) at Hamilton (1-1):
Defending champs from Saskatchewan are playing like it. Big question or concern in this is that first-string quarterback Marcus Crandell isn't expected to play because of a bad hammy, although he may be in the lineup. So third-stringer Darian Durant, heretofore known as Duran Durant, gets the call to start, backed up by Steven (Jeff) Jyles. To make up for an inexperienced quarterback, run the ball with the Wes Cates offence behind the best offensive line in the league. Task will be on defence stopping the Ticats' run. Don't expect they'll yield as easily as the Argos. Ticats finally won a game and will surely receive support from the faifthful at Ivor Wynne, the best place to watch a game in the CFL followed by Taylor Field). If the Ticats can play within themselves and keep the game close they can stick to their game plan. I said I would only pick the Tiger-Cats to win if they won a game. And they did. So…
And the winner is: Hamilton (woo-hoo!)

they need to get a monkey to go up against him like tsn does for hockey. 1-7 record is hard to do.

A good team should beat a rookie QB making his first career start. So we better win Saturday.

This statement is true in theory. But there could be many obstacles to winning, even if you are a better Team.
For example,

  • injuries
  • the weather
  • Coaching
    and other intangibles..
    Never take any Team in the CFL lightly....
:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:
8) Especially the Grey Cup Champions !!!!!

National Post picks the Ticats too -

They say "the Riders are due for a reality check" they also point out that the Ticats rushed for 4 TDs against the Argos last week, the Argos only had 10 rushing TDs against them all of last year.

It would be Nice to be 2 and 1 After 3 Games.
Think Happy Thoughts. :slight_smile:

Click My Heals 3 Times and Say
No Place like 2 and 1 then no place like 2 and 1
Maybe it will Come True This Saterday
Get Your Ticats Tickets come join the Fun.

Don't ever take a pro line baised on the National Posts perspective. Do they evn know there teams east of Winnipeg?
I too however believe that the loss of an experianced QB will be their demise. And that my friends you can take to the bank. Ticats by 17. Sorry riders.