Sportsnet useless regarding CFL

In a week where Jason Portuondo made his allegiance to the NFL known and a silly report about the Maas deal, I think we can all agree and conclude that Sportsnet contiributes nothing to the CFL that we cant get elsewhere.


Well I agree, I don't post there anymore. That being said, last night at 6:00 pm when I turned to watch the Casey Printers news, flipped on TSN and they had a rerun of Off The Record so switched quickly to The Score, NFL preview and then went to Sportsnet and the Printers story was the first one and they did a good job, and this was on the opening night of the NFL and they are showing NFL games this year. So I have to give Sportsnet credit for this have to admit. Good on Sporstnet TV for this. The website I can do without though except I will check Perry Lefko from time to time.

You are right Earl, just when you think that network is not worthy, they surprise us and provide extensive coverage to a lead story.
Plus you didn't see how Perry Lefko was also on discussing the signing.
I am not sure if you have all of the Sportsnet channels, I have the four, I believe Pacific, West, Ontario and East. The CFL is covered much better in the Pacific and West and all of the game results and or pre game or other important stories are at the top of the reporting scale.
It's only in Ontario and East that we get "ripped" off.

well Sportsnet didn't even bother to start a CFL Fantasy Pool. they just said "we aren't this year" no reasoning.