Sportsnet taking a pass on the CFL

From Bruce Dowbiggin:

If you caught the Montreal Alouettes-Calgary Stampeders gem on TSN this past Saturday, you’re probably asking yourself what’s not to like? Almost 800 yards of passing offence, comebacks, big plays, a dramatic finish and a streaker. When it comes to CFL football this was more fun than opposable thumbs. Really, who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

Rogers Sportsnet, apparently.

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It's not much of a surprise that Sportsnet isn't interested. What's worth acknowledging, though, is that without some sort of competition for TSN, the CFL is unlikely to receive the windfall TV deal that many here seem to think is inevitable.

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Oops. Yes, that's it. I had a bunch of G&M links open in my browser, and obviously copy-pasted the wrong one. Thanks.

This is not really a surprised. But the CFL did get a considerable increase last deal even though there was no competition. The next deal in 2013 will be competitive and the CFL will get a substantial increase in revenues. There's no question about this. The CBC has made no secret that they want to get CFL games back on their network, and TSN has already ramped up it's production of the CFL in hopes to increase it's value as a property.

I'm not really sure why people think the CFL will get screwed on this deal, competition or no competition the CFL will get a considerable raise. Another point, is that there's still 2 years before a new deal is reached so a lot can happen in that period of time.

That is a surprise as Keith Pelley is running the show and he was the President of the Argos.
I still can't believe this and think it is posturing?

Most of it good. The ratings could fluctuate a little, as they appeared to have done this season, but don't expect a huge drop. Overall the ratings should still be up substantially (from the beginning of the contract) and the CFL should still be winning most time slots. Additionally, the Bombers and Lions will be in their new stads, and Ottawa is nearing spade work on their stadium. So things are looking up!

Absolutely, the league will hopefully negotiate properly this time around and should cash in big time.

No disagreement from me :thup:
Like I said before, the CFL in 5 years will be in a totally different universe.

Seems to me the league was more interested in dumping the decrepit CBC broadcasts than it was negotiating a big contract last time, and it still got a better deal. Now that it has proven, with TSN's help, that the CFL is a ratings winner there doesn't seem to be much doubt that the league is in for a substantial raise.

Has anybody seen TSN's financial statements since they won exclusive rights to the CFL?

How much should they cash in? Twice as much as the last one? 5 times as much?

When you try to compare the NHL TSN numbers and as the CFL draws higher TV numbers, the negotiations should start at $50M per year and up.

It has to be a substantial increase if Ottawa get's back into the league. the first 12 percent increase would leave the teams even with their current deal.

I know that on the French side there is a new sports network going online in the fall and they have already expressed interest in broadcasting CFL games.

You can't compare NHL and CFL because the number of hours available with NHL games is substantialy more than the CFL. If the CFL can double its TV money, it will be doing well. I'm not so sure they should sign a five year deal. They may be better off with two year agreements.

Of course you have to look at comparisons inolving the two mega properties at TSN.
They show less NHL games then the 81 plus playoffs on the CFL.
Plus and here is the rub, the average TV numbers for the CFL are better.
I may be wrong on this but I believe the new TV contract for NHL is north of $75M annually.
So to expect less say around $50M is a bargain for the network.
On top of which the GC draws equal to or better than NFL numbers.

This does NOT surprise me one bit.

Sportsnet has never really done any kind of promotion or support for the CFL, they don't even care to have the CFL on the main list of their Iphone App.

they have made no efforts to fix that and they only pay lip service to the CFL when news happens. but there's no actual work that is done to make the CFL noticeable. they're the closest thing to a Wannabe American Sports Broadcast Company.

doesn't surprise me, considering they're based out of Toronto and are owned by Rogers who are Pro NFL Anti-CFL.

makes me sick.

majority of their forum users aren't CFL fans either.. yet most of them live out east, so go figure.

I thought they might gear up for it with the launch of a national channel in Sportsnet One, as the Regional channels wouldn't work for CFL football. It's either posturing or they are sincerely not interested. Sportsnet One doesn't reach that many homes yet in Canada so it's probably a good thing.

Sportsnet is a non entity in Canadian sports. The only hockey they have is regional NHL and CHL, and their CHL coverage is a disgrace. The only reason I can see that they were able to renegotiate that deal was that TSN felt it couldn't fit it into its schedule. They have baseball and basketball. Baseball does decent number but I don't think huge during the regular season and basketball is an afterthought in Canada. They have a lot of soccer and seem to be more interested in being Soccernet than being a Canadian network. With all TSN has it is probably the smart way to go. They own a piece of Setanta Canada which is heavy into soccer and rugby.

Sportsnet does a horrible job with junior hockey broadcast so I can only imagine the disaster they would make of CFL. They could easily make Rod Black and Duanne Forde look like HoF broadcasters.

Sportsnet already has a lot of summer content: the Blue Jays. Would you want CFL games scheduled around Jays games?

As for some of the numbers being tossed around for the next contract... they're so out there it's hard to even come up with a response. Definitely fans talking. :lol:

Curious to know what the TV ratings will be for the CFL once the ...umm...11 man version down south gets underway this weekend.

they don't change. CFL stays the same.. they actually beat the NFL in Canada

They play CFL football with only 11 men? Where? Are they nuts, how do they cover the whole field? :roll: