Sportsnet signs TV deal with CIS

The CIS and Sportsnet have agreed on a 6 year deal that grants Sportsnet exclusive broadcasting rights to all CIS football, basketball, and hockey games throughout 2018/2019. This is amazing news to up and coming football and basketball players looking for a way to show the world how talented they are!
Guess CIS football moving over to Sportsnet. Wonder what that does to regionals like Canwest, Eastlink and Radio-Canada, TSN who were broadcasting games ?

I hope they have better HD cameras than The Score. Sometimes the CIS games on The Score were broadcast in such terrible quality, it was pathetic.

Great news

Although mentioned in the TSN thread, significant enough to have it's own thread, agree.

I had not see it Earl. I try not to mix topics up anyway. Enough of that :lol:

That's great news. If Sportnet does it right it could really help grow interest in Canadian football across the country and that would eventually lead to growth in the CFL. Win/win as far as I can see. Perhaps now that CIS Football will be in the national eye there will be more emphasis on player development? That could especially benefit Canadian born QB's.

maybe I'm just living on fantasy island...

Apparently it's a 5-year deal which pays the CIS up to $100k the first year, but they have to pay Roger's production costs. :expressionless:

Sounds like best we'll get from that is the single SD camera view we got from the Score. Better than nothing I suppose.

On a major speciality sports network, The Score isn't major in terms of it's viewing audience I doubt, so it's a step up for sure.

That makes no sense. They will likely get less content and exposure than they were getting with regional networks.

I hope they do a good job of it, the score will become Sportsnet 360 starting July 1st bringing the total of sportsnet channels to 6.

Well, I can finally look at Rogers and for the first time say "well done". But I'll reserve final judgment until I see what kind of effort they put forth. I just hope it's better then the half hearted attempt they do with Junior hockey. It still fries my bacon that it is easier to watch every single bounce of the ball of that bloody March Madness on Canadian TV (of which Canada has zero teams) and I have to scratch and crawl to watch one shot on goal of the Canadian Hockey League playoffs on Canadian TV (of which Canada has 52 teams), save for those once a week games on Sportsnet. My Barrie Colts made it to the OHL finals and I had to listen to the final game on the internet on a London radio station :x . I just hope that with Sportsnet regional networks they use that to highlight games from every confrence and not just do a one national game of the week. But if the CIS has to pay the production costs, as was stated earlier, I can't see that happening. Hey Rogers, how about one less Barfalo Bill game in Toronto and put that money towards promotting some real Canadian sports. Yeah, as if that is going to happen :thdn: .

This really isn't news. Sportsnet acquired The Score, and this is still going to be on that channel exclusively. I have a feeling they'll leave things "as is" and we'll see the exact same production that we saw from The Score. It's basically a re-brand of the same product with the same production values until I see differently.

I guess you missed the word Exlusive.

Yes deer, it's tough even for the CHL to get the coverage that is deserved in this country and look at all the teams and this is the highest level of amateur hockey, Canada's no. 1 sport most would agree. Pretty sad but what can you do.

All that really means is that they'll show the Vanier Cup and not TSN. The Score was the only network to step up and air CIS games, unless you count the local broadcasts that Shaw would do.