Sportsnet ... sigh

Every CFL publicity on Sportsnet is good publicity....I guess...

Ah, just a little mistake on their part - on, every article has a couple of headline lengths:

  • Full Length
  • Long
  • Short

Someone was just working in multiple tabs and put a soccer Long Headline in this article by mistake. I messaged someone there to do a fix. :slight_smile:

OK ... but bet it wouldn't hap[pen to the Loafs, Gays or Craptors

You sound jealous... and very homophobic.

apparently phobic about bread and bowel movements as well

Not homophobic ... just haven't found another instantly recognizable, annoying-to-fans nickname for the MLB team that the Centre of the Canadian Media Universe shoves "down our throats" ... BooJays mustn't doesn't capture how much I dislike them

At least on this site, let's go with BooJays from now on. :wink:

How about %%*#&$#-Jays

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