Sportsnet reports: Jim Barker new Argos Coach

Barker to coach Argos
  February 7, 2010


The Toronto Argonauts will name Jim Barker of the Calgary Stampeders as their new head coach, has learned.

Two sources confirmed that Barker, who coached the Argos in 1999 and had a 9-9 regular-season record and then lost in the first round of the playoffs, will be named as the latest head coach of the Argos, who finished last in the Canadian Football League last year with a 3-15 record. Barker is currently the Stampeders' senior vice-president of football operations/director of player personnel.

Barker's hiring comes as a surprise because he had not been considered in the running for the job. It had been assumed that Hamilton Tiger-Cats' defensive co-ordinator Greg Marshall would be hired as head coach. Marshall has been bypassed several times for head coaching jobs, most recently in Winnipeg. Barker had been on the short list for the Winnipeg general manager job.

It's expected Barker will have a major say in the Argos' personnnel decisions, although Adam Rita may still be the general manager of record.

Barker had an excellent rapport with the players, fans and media in 1999, but lost his job when when the team changed ownership. The Argo president at the time of his hiring in 1999 was Bob Nicholson, who re-joined the team last year as president, and he has an excellent rapport with Barker.

Besides his head coaching experience, Barker has an excellent grasp of CFL personnel, which he's going to need joining the Argos at this juncture of the season because free agency begins February 16th.

Barker's hiring could be made official as early as Monday.

So they wait until February 7 to announce that a Player Personnel guy and GM candidate is their new head coach? Wow.

Jim Barker knows the the league and has strong connections, but is he top-shelf head coaching material for a team that desperately needs one? I think they hired the right guy, but for the wrong job.

Should that come as a surprise? :lol:

The one thing I like is the article says he'll have a strong say in player decisions. That could help the Argos. Lord knows they haven't done a very good job in finding good talent. ... a couple players aside.

As for whether or not he'll be a good coach, I hope to hell they give him more than a season. It's going to take a couple seasons for this team to turn things around. I know rebuilding isn't very popular in the CFL, but that's exactly what needs to happen with this team.

Good luck, Argos. :wink:

He might be the wrong guy if the Argos want to go 15-3 right away, but they have a huge hill to climb to respectability, so this may turn out to be a wise long-term decision.

Definitely out from left field as he was if anything maybe a GM possibility.
Still though the man is highly regarded and has contacts.
Overall not a bad decision and for him to come back especially since he did not get a fair shake properly during his first stint.

Well, once the ownership issue gets resolved, isn't it possible that Rita could be fired, and then Barker would become Coach/GM like Huffer?

Or maybe this is all in the works to bring Tillman in as GM?
Now that would be an awesome combo.

Maybe. If there's anyone who could turn the Argos around, it's him.

The problem now with this potential late signing and like the same late signing of last year(but no comparison as being disaterous Andrus) is filling out the remaining coaching staff with experienced CFL people.

Yeah, I agree. Did you guys get rid of all the coordinators?

We had no OC last year, a brilliant move by Andrus.
Of course, Burratto went to Hamilton a week ago.
I think we just lost one defensive line coach a few days ago and the DC is still hanging around who would be good to retain.

Naylor is also reporting this:

He's only reporting it to redeem himself for the last week. :lol:

Yes he has been more wrong than right....wait a minute from the Marty York school of unnamed sources?

Wow. What an odd move. But nothing the Argos do surprises me anymore. :lol:

I agree with rhymes with orange: they may have hired the right guy for the wrong job. I can definitely see Barker as GM. As head coach? His last stint in that role wasn't exactly glorious (Calgary right after Buono left, IIRC). More importantly, he hasn't been coaching for a number of years now.

I hope to hell they keep their DC at least and get someone CFL-ready for the OC spot.

Hold on... this may blow your mind... What if Marty York and Dave Naylor are the same person...? :o :o :o

At least David's not referring to bleacher report this time :lol:
Man that was funny.

It's funny for hockey nothing is true until TSN (Bob Mackenzie aka Hockey Lord) confirms it.
For the CFL it seems they're all equally garbage.

im sad to see him leave the stamps. but i hope he can at least turn around the argos to a .500 season. that was a tame article this time. i dont even reconize the writing when he's not being a douch.

Has anyone ever seen them together?

I see at the end of his column that Naylor is saying the sale of the Argos will be concluded early in the week. We'll see how right he is on that one too.

Ooh, "early in the week." I'm surprised he didn't go with the more non-committal "in the next week or two." :stuck_out_tongue: