Yes I just heard how Frank met with Tom Wright earlier this week. Reportedly the meeting was productive with a "formal proposal" due in a few weeks?

here's to hoping he doesn't only have steelback beer available at FCS if he operates the team.

His beer is not that bad.

im pretty picky i admit.

.........maux, I don't know what games you go to but most arenas serve swill that is coloured like beer and has a frothy top.........who cares what beer they serve at Frank Clair if the Gades come back?..........

well obviously i'm no fan of blue or canadian, especially the kind they serve at football games, but I'll take that over steelback thank you very much.

....but actually when I go to games I usually bring a mickey of rum and buy a big coke to go along with it on the grounds...problem solved! Shhh don't tell nobody!

…lol, ol’ timey football spectating…

that comment makes sense I got it from my dad! GC in E-town 1984 Bombers/ticats.. "Daddy what's that you got under your seat?" '68 my old man and my uncle went to a game at McMahon when it was about -20C and the bottle my uncle had stuffed in his pants broke........when the people around them heard about this they formed a community collection and my dad and uncle ended up getting swacked all the same.........

Its so heartwarming to see strangers all pull together for the shared goal of communal public drunkeness!

Beer is beer , it all tastes the same after a few anyway, so just enjoy the games and relax with a cool one on a hot summer day at the stadium, for as long as the summer weather holds out.

Oh boy you told your now going to get caught! The best one I have seen is someone took a bag of oranges and injected them with Vodka. We checked him at the gate and he said he had oranges later we saw him crawling on the floor. The other was a guy had booze in a fake pair of binoculars. A fight broke out and he offered us to use them and well that was end of those!

Getting back to the topic at hand, I think Ottawa fans should give D'Angelo a chance. Steelbacks is a good nic for a franchise, and at least he is willing to give Ottawa a chance to have their team back.

They should definetly give hima chance. If not, dont complain when you dont have a team.

With the recent history of football in Ottawa, the league is going to have to be very careful about choosing who will own any future Ottawa franchise. The league had people interested, some of whom seem to believe that the league already had an owner in mind given how the league responded to their interset. Given the fact that things were allowed to reach the point that they did, it makes one wonder if the Ottawa franchise wasn't sacrificed so that the Board of Governors would have a reason to get rid of the otherwise popular Tom Wright. Not accepting the offer from Bernie Glieberman which at least would have bought the league some time in finding a new owner was also questionable. If another Ottawa team ended up folding, it would definitely be the end of CFL football in Ottawa.

Frank is defintely his own man and "out of the box", which by en large ruffles the feathers of the old dogs, like Braley and Wettenhall. Here is a guy who has been one of Argos corporate sponsors and sees the opportunity the get involved with his own team and create senergies with his company. I see nothing wrong with that and frankly this is a smart business plan.
Having younger Canadians with the $ being involved, like Hellard, Young, Cynamon and Sokolosky, should be the aim of the league and especially for its long term success to include expansion.
Of course, the guy must have a viable and professional plan for the team or his persona means nothing.
His ongoing interest and media blitz can be seen either as self serving or perhaps the combination of same and the aim to own a team. There is nothing wrong with publicity and especially for the CFL, where for years it is the bad variety which has been the MO. Turning the "folding" of a team fiasco from bad to good should be something the league must keep on the front and not the back burner and thanking Frank for creating the spark.
There are many issues with the BOG, like the Tom Wright status which again is a negative created by some of these clowns that cannot see the trees through the forest.
Franks desire to own a team should be the drive to conduct a bidding process by the league with a deadline for other potential wannabee Ottawa owners to come forward, are you listening Eugene Melnyk. Have a deadline, with applications to include a $100,000 non refundable fee to be submitted with a detailed plan.
My CFL includes the Gades.......or Steelback.

Do we know for sure that he would change the name to Steelbacks if he were to purchase them? I thought that was just conjecture by a sportswriter (or perhaps even a member of this forum.) While I admit I haven't read much on the guy, or his bid, I haven't heard him say anything about changing the name...yet people here seem to be under the impression that he intends to do just that.

I was just wondering if maybe I missed something.

Yes, I believe he has gone on record with the name change, hence the redesigned uniform in the name of Steelback which most of us have seen.

I haven’t seen it, does anyone have a pic?