Sportsnet Reporter Hates Grey Cup

Winning a game by a single point on a missed field goal, for those of you who don't know your arrsss from a hole in the ground on Canadian rules football, is exactly what should happen if it happens. I won't explain though because anyone who doesn't know this innately will never get it. Just watch American football, it's easier for those intellectually challenged. And there you go for some Sportsnet guys. hee,hee :slight_smile:

Sportsnet is complete trash anyways. This guy has about as much credibility as the drunk homeless man on the corner. And the point has been made, but I'll say it again: Why hire someone to a Canadian sports network who hates Canadian sports? Covering hockey was a "cold slap in the face"? Hate the Grey Cup? Then go back to the States you ignorant bastard.

Exactly I_Believe! :thup:

Television is just a commercial pushing whatever products they want. They distort everything for their own gain and their own agenda, telling lies and half lies.

You know what funny.
Mendes says young people won't watch the CFL.
Well they were saying that twenty years ago when I was young.
Yet CFL ratings are taking off from year to year.
When they should be declining if you listen to the know nothings.
And its so easy to refute everything these guys write I'm starting
to think why bother anymore.

Exactly again berezin, Mendes and Phil Lind are doing the nasty together, you gotta think eh? :lol: If it works for them, well, who am I to say what should be or shouldn't be. :lol:

...stop using Chief as an example.....

Ok, wife calling me to dinner, this thread is going downhill, but gotta admit, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! :smiley:

He's not, don't lable Chief like that!
He lives in an alley, not on the corner. He's movin' up in the world.

Hey! I'm not homeless!

Hey, you're the Chief, how in the world can a Chief be homeless! :wink: