Sportsnet Reporter Hates Grey Cup

Ian Mendez clearly hates canada. here is his top 10 reasons he hates the grey cup:

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and my thoughts on his list:

10 - do you do everything your dad does?
9 - if your watching a football championship game for commercials, that says alot about the quality of the product, doesnt it?
8 - i dont want to know what else you do sunday nites, alone.
7 - i'm sure Sportsnet wishes they could pull in the ratings CFL does. but sportsnet is cheap, and noone watches thier programming.
6 - im sorry, but i can't remember any baseball final, NBA final, or NFL final,..heck, i can barely remember hockeys final.
5 - im sorry bud, but tonites grey cup speaks for itself ( and ive never heard of your, so-called, 'household names' ).
4 - when it happens, you can complain. in the meantime, STFU!
3 - your not invited to grey cup parties, because noone wants you there!
2 - you seem to suffer from some sort of memory issue
1 - your number one complaint is a horn?!?! really?!?! your an idiot!

A mediocre reporter. I don't give a rats tail what he says. I wonder why he think people will care whether or not he like the Grey Cup?

All we need to know is how Sportsnet=Rogers.
Enough said.

seems a lot of posters agree with him. sad

Ian Mendes is the prime example of whats wrong with the media in Toronot.
They hire these guys with next to no sports knowledge, except for what they see on US Tv.
Then they cover sports from down there like they matter up here.
Because thats all they know.
Its time we get some real Canadians in the Canadian media.
And get rid of these two bit hacks masquerading as journalists.
Because they embarass themselves with articles like this guy wrote.
You wonder how he got hired in the first place??

People should boycott Rogers untill they fire Mendez . He just doesn't get it and it's sad !

I made a post about Mendes not knowing squat about football on that website, and they deleted it.
What amazes me is a guy who hates Canadian sports can get a job on a Canadian sports network.

I'm just impressed someone from sportshoop,sportsgoal,sportsball or whatever that network is called,knew how to spell Grey Cup.

Ian Mendez and his moronic viewpoints are employed in the right place. He's not capable of having his own thoughts and opinions.....that's why Rogers, who goes out of their way to make CFL fans from all teams feel unwelcome in their stadium, uses a goof like him to spew their crap. One of the posters makes reference to pushing one league by puttimg down another. This is EXACTLY what the clowns employed by Rogers do themselves.

Finally a confession to the Rogers bullying of the Media in Degrading Canadian football. Rogers should have its licence pulled by CRTC

Please, considering they said Bell could throttle speeds, I wouldn't hold my breath. The CRTC works for the highest bidder.

Actually if you read the replies, other than the first one (which was probably written by Ian Mendez) they are quite against him. Canadians from coast to coast are rebelling against such Pro-American sports view points and embracing the CFL.

TBQH F#%$% him. He's with Rogers Sportsnet so he already loses, not even by network, but the eventual ratings. Us as fans of the CFL win.

Whatever number you see on the TSN rating add 90+ because thats who came to the party I threw and we're not calculated. x10,000 across the country easily.

Rogers is just bitter because their sponsors have given their Bills/Jets tickets back to them.
I was on the Ticketmaster site a couple of months ago and the "best available" seats were nosebleeds....
I went on Ticketmaster yesterday and suddenly there are scores of seats that have become available in the 100 level.
If you ask for 8 tickets in a row(the most you can get on 1 credit card) You can now get those seats at the 20 yardline albeit in the 500 level.
The best pair I found were at the 30 yardline 16 rows up!!!!
This will be the last NFL football game in Canada for a very very long time!!!!
Rogers would have to be suicidal to think that they can throw a preseason game at Skydome next season and get anything that does not resemble a UFL crowd...
I see Rogers buying their way out of this deal...mostly to save face...but also to stop bleeding red ink all over the place

Sportsnet, what's that? :lol:

Don't waste your time guys there unless you want what they carry, which is fair enough. Just all business like politics, you slam your competitors whether it makes sense or not.

I am extremely upset with Sportsnet and Mendez.. I wrote one nasty letter to Sportsnet.. because we can't contact those fools (Mendez) directly.

He's got an excellent point here:

4 - Point Taken.

CFL fans will tell you that the greatest Grey Cup game ever played was the 1989 tilt between Hamilton and Saskatchewan. Dave Ridgeway kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired to give his team a 43-40 win.

But here's what CFL supporters tend to forget: If Ridgeway misses that kick and puts it thru the end zone, his team still would have won 41-40. And how weird would that celebration have been? One of these years, a Grey Cup will be decided by a single-point missed field goal and all hell will break loose.

That would have been an absolute disaster! You have to get rid of that stupid rule...

Successful TorontonianwantingtobeanAmerican Troll is Successful!

We should try to get this guy fired.
Sportsnet's ratings are terrible and they can't afford to keep a guy on the air who is unpopular.
Ian Mendes is a joke

Aren't you the same guy who thinks the UFL is gonna steal all of the CFL's talent in a couple of years?and just played a pretend season in pretend uniforms?
The UFL lost over 30 million dollars this year and the only media it recieved for it's championship game was in Vegas where the writer said that there wasn't even 8000 people in the building and that tickets were being givin away by scalpers.
If you never showed how ridiculous you opinion and thought processes were,then maybe I could respect your opinion. However, the last person I would change a 100 year old rule for ,would be for fans who lack in football common sense like yourself.

couldnt have said it better myself CFL :thup: