Sportsnet Ranks Riders 1st in Power Rating

I am hoping we can keep up the good work.

Wow that has to be a first! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I dont see calgary being ahead of wpg.

...agreed FYB, no way should the stamps be sitting in third after that dismal performance....

:) I was going to throw in that they should not be ahead of Toronto either, but I didnt want to upset anybody :lol:

I figure to is ranked that low because of QB uncertainty??

....if that's the reason then for sure Calgary should be behind TO....

  1. Riders (Last Week: 1) - Last week people were criticizing me for making the Riders #1, but after a thrashing of the Stamps, people are eating their words.

  2. BC (Last Week: 4) - After an average performance against the Argos, the Lions dominated the Esks and came up with a big win.

  3. Argos (Last Week: 3) - Despite blowing out the Ti-Cats, I can't really move them up. Two solid performances are why they are at #3.

  4. Stamps (Last Week: 2) - They got killed by the Riders, but still have a great looking football team. Still one of the best in the league.

  5. Bombers (Last Week: 5) - Credible performance against the Als, but not as impressive considering the Als didn't want to give the record to Stegall. As a result, other players were open.

  6. Eskimos (Last Week: 6) - Looked OK against the Lions, who are amazing at the worst of times.

  7. Als (Last Week: 7) - Offense needs help. O-Line, QB, and playcalling are all issues. They should improve as the offense gets used to the new play-calling.

  8. Ti-Cats (Last Week 8) - They'll get better as the season goes on, but not nearly enough.

FYB, you're supposed to say that the Lions shouldn't be rated #2 because Murphy is a 'dirty player'.

attaboy Rover, what ever you do, never let go of that bone. Shall I set up apool for everyone to guess how many other threads you can bring that into as well :twisted:

Thank God, there are the Ticats to fill the bottom of the can!

I think you may have over-rated the Esks and under-rated the Als, but we'll know in another week or two.

Proper Turkey Rankings Should be:

  1. Riders - Perfectly perfect performance. Will be tough to match it again this season! Nonetheless, even with all the points off turnovers, doubters have to admit the Riders are more than competitive foes!

  2. BC Pussycats- So far have won ugly. Like it or not that is a sign of a good team. Should the Lions win in Regina fans will know there are for real. If they lose questions about playing an old Dickenson ahead of Buck Pierce will start to emerge.

  3. Winnipeg- Look good all-round this year.

  4. Toronto- Not sure on this one - debated putting the Esks in this spot. A win over Hamilton proves nothing.

  5. Edmonchuck- The whole team seems blah this year. Ray is a good qb and they have good receivers - what is up???

  6. Calgary- How can the Stamps be in 6th spot?? The als have showed nothing and Hamilton - well we have all seen the results. The Stamps are at gut check time early in the season. If Burris falters again his and the teams' confidence will be shattered.

  7. Montreal- Only ahead of the Ti-cats because there is a distinguishable difference between a smell and a stench!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hamilton- They should form an old-timers club and bring back Angelo Mosca, Bernie Faloney, Joe Zuger, Tom Clemens and Bernie Ruoff as well as Grover Covington. The old-timers probably would be more competitive. :cowboy:

Is it just me, or does Jim Lang look like a goblin or something in that picture lol?

And on a side note, I honestly would have been suprised if the Riders werent in 1st in the power rankings, I wonder what TSN's will look like...

Having said that, My top 3 would have been:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  2. BC Lions
  3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Jim Lang seems kind of dumb to me. Good rankings for the most part though.


TSN has BC first, Winnipeg second ( this one boggles me ) and Saskatchewan third.

I'd rank em like this:

1. BC (2-0) - Stay tops for now.
2. Sask (2-0) - Convincing win against Calgary
3. Winnipeg(1-0-1) - Still haven't lost.
4. Calgary(1-1) - It was ugly
5. Toronto(1-1) - Bishop is in charge now, we'll see how he does.
6. Edmonton(0-1-1) - Where's the D?
7. Montreal(0-2) - o non!
8. Hamilton(0-2) - What's there to say?

How do you rank Winnipeg over Saskatchewan? I'm guessing they were passing the pipe around when they were making their rankings...

Nice rankings Dust that's exactly how I see things right now as well.

The best and most thought out rankings this week are by aikmanr representing

I would disagree because there is no such thing as good power-rankings!
They are all meaningless

If power rankings are supposed to be, who would be who today, then its a crap shoot, except for Hamilton.