Sportsnet Rankings

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Not 8th in the power rankings..... not 7th either :wink:

Pretty Interesting...thanks for that crash.

Imagine where we would be with a few changes a little earlier in the year.

What is really interesting is I don't think anybody would have thought that the standings...East or West would look like this at this point in time had we made predictions 4 months back!

Maybe we did....have to see if somebody can find one!

TSN still has us in the basement. Kinda makes you wonder what the difference is in the two schools of thought.

TSN is based in Toronto.................which as we all know is the center of the Universe.

TSN is almost as bad as listening to Chris LEE when the Argos are playing.


I thought the centre of the universe was Topeka, KS.

I don't know about that but I was shown that Owen Sound is the a-hole of Ontario.




Complete the argument. TSN is biased against the Ticats because it is based in Toronto, unlike Sportsnet, which is based in _______.

actually, its because Cullen (and in effect TSN) rank teams in regards to who is lining up on the feild. The better players is mostly what factors into power rankings for them. Momentum helps, but its mostly the roster and how the roster is playing and who is injured and whos healthy.

Sportsnet just kinda lets Jim Lang express his opinion.

FYI: Sportsnet is based in Toronto too.

Where # 6 :slight_smile:

It wasn't so much the fact the Ticats won their second straight game. It's how they beat the Eskimos for the second week in a row that impressed me. On the road, playing a desperate team and Hamilton scores 10 points in the fourth quarter. Kudos to Jesse Lumsden for gaining huge yardage on a fourth-quarter screen pass to set up the winning field goal.

Where # 6
Right between #5 and #7 !!! :D

Guys - Lets face reality here.

Sportsnet tells it like it is. There is only one team that is worse than Hamilton and that's Edmonton. All the other teams are just plain better right now - yes even though Montreal has lost six in a rown and the Argos had a bad game, they are better teams.

What would take Montreal or Toronto out of their slumps - play against Edmonton!