Sportsnet Power Rankings

Here’s Lefko’s Rankings from Sportsnet

  1. Lions ;…[Lions
  2. Riders ;…[Stamps
  3. Stamps ;…[Riders
  4. Esks ;…[Esks
  5. Argos ;…[Bombers
  6. Bombers ;…[Argos
  7. Als ;…[Als
  8. Ti-Cats ;…[Ti-Cats

How are the Ticats last. They lost by fewer points, scored more points and even got more 1st downs then MTL. What the heck is his ratings system?

His ratings system is I 'm an Arblow supporter so screw the Ticats. He always has something negative to say about the Cats.

Not sure if they have system or not but the Al's were on the road against a good team. Cats were at home and got totally handled by last years door mats.

I agree, and understand these are just the rankings after week one, which is a small sampling. I think the Riders will be better than they were last year, but right now it looks like the TiCats lost big to a week team at home. Why would they not be ranked last in the Power Ranking. Lucky for them, they are still in first in the East, as wins and losses are how a team is measured in the standings.


I'd rank them follows;


I'd put Hamilton last too!

At home against last seasons ugly step sister...


Our QB played well but he didn't throw any TD's but did have an INT and our defense was to be nice... TERRIBLE!

We're in for a long season if our D doesn't get better. FAST.

Doesn't matter. The only ratings that count come at the end of November.

With these rankings we only have one way to go. :? :cowboy:

How are they last????? lol
They were the worst team on the field last week! getting more 1st downs or the fact they kicked more FGs means nothing.
The Argos played the worst team in the West so they were lucky to come out of Edmonton without being blown out.

It's shocking that we didn't get any "TSN Players of the Week"

Cats are 6th in the CFL. ca rankings

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yes, but Cauz has us in last. :frowning:

It certainly would be a pleasant weekend if the Tabbies could pull out a win in BC, as a rebuke. :cowboy:

Has there ever been a power ranking that anyone in the free world has ever agreed with?

I get the feeling, most times, that these people just put the team names in a hat or use the always reliable CFL dart board to make their decisions with....

I'd offer mine...but you all would just laugh or shake your heads!!!!