Sportsnet Power Rankings Week 15 - TiCats dead last :(

Which Obie will trade for two second round picks that will not play on the team until 2014 at the earliest. That's been the pattern for the last couple of drafts, so it will probably continue.

Let's keep in mind what things like "Power Rankings" are - Content. Sportscentre is thirty minutes long every day. There isn't enough real news to fill that time slot so broadcasters come up with added productions to plug in.

Situation is simple

Win out the season and we guarantee a playoff birth, no scoreboard watching needed

Win out the season or enough games to tie the Argos, beating themn by more than 9 points, and we get 2nd place

Win just one more game than the Esks and Bombers in the final stretch, and we get playoffs, but scoreboard watching will be a neccessity

So, it ain't a bad position we are in, but is still all boils to one or more wins in the stretch, possible, doable, but who knows which Tabbie team shows up

I have lost all interest in this team this season. Sad as I am a big fan but tired of dissapointment. This team is going knowhere and they deserve to be ranked dead last.

Well Edmonton won, and Winnipeg is one game back and in two weeks will be tied with us. Since they will have beat us three times we will be in last. I overextended earlier in predicting a 6 win season, my apologies. Spotrsnet and every other ranking would be correct in ranking us last. In fact they could rank us as dead last next year as well, because under this management, and no home stadium, nothing better than that could be anticipated. This will precipitate them being last in 2014 as well. A more dismal future I cannot imagine. Worst team of the decade in every sport in North America.