Sportsnet poll (shameful)

The fact that they include a “Don’t you mean NFL” option in this poll is shameful. It seems like some media outlets continually do their best to make the CFL seem “uncool” to the Canadian public. Fortunately only 9% have voted for this option. That’s still 9% too many, especially on the Sportsnet’s CFL page.

oh christ - stop your whining ... the other options were "Remind me when hockey is over", and "Summer is for baseball" .. All of the potential answers were smart@ss-styled.

Leave it to a inferiority-complexed CFL fan to whine about the NFL answer. unreal.


Yes all of the options had a negative slant.

This kind of thing has little effect on me, but I am nonetheless conscious about the effect it could have on others.

Its things like this that prevent the CFL from getting more sponsors. Why does the NFL get so much more money from TV deals??? They get $20 million/year for one game a week vs. the CFL who gets $15 million/year for FOUR games a week. The NFL has a macho toughguy image while the CFL has a loser image thanks to things like this.

Godfrey developed this poll!! :lol:

Have to remember that Rogers/Sportsnet is in big with the Jays in the summer and don't want any competition at all. CFL games on nights when baseball is on is competition. I don't know, not something to get too worried about, maybe they are just having fun a bit too, maybe we do get too paranoid but really all the media bashes hockey to some extent these days with the fighting and rules and that.

Just made a thread on this on the CFL site on Sportsnet, a little humour for the gang over there at Sportsnet:

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Let's start a poll like this:
How excited are you to watch CFL coverage on sportsnet:
1 Can't get Sportsnet
2 What's Sportsnet?
3 Doesn't TSN cover CFL football?
4 Don't you mean Snoresnet?

:thup: bj

No. The CFL fans get a whiney like image from posts like these.


On the bright side, 73% said Can't wait, only 27% said one of the 3 negative ones.

I don't get bent out of shape by polls. Just look at how wrong election polls are!

Just like the polls on this board.....don't hold a lot of water.

It seems you still have NFL envy in your blood could be the region you live in has thin air. No it can not be Argotom has common sense. So then whats wrong with you?

It is really necessary to turn every thread into an argument?
Did not like the option that was given in the poll. He voiced that opinion here as is his right. It is possible to voice your opinion without making insults.

RW05 can't make a post without insulting SOMEONE.

example: u like coffee?
RW05 reply....YES, and piggie is an idiot.

I would say focus on the good part of that poll, that the majority favoured the CFL in saying they cant wait for the season to start. TIMH, give the :thup: to the people who voted in favour of the CFL!

I'm with Statik on this one. I looked at that and saw it more as "I prefer the NFL" vs "I prefer baseball" vs "I prefer hockey" options. Really reading something into it to pick out the NFL option in there as an anti-CFL slant , when all the other major leagues were there as well.

BTW , did anyone even notice a lack of an NBA option? , They must really hate the NBA at Sportsnet then , right?

Only because he is still trying to win one, lol.

Good one dg.

Did you cut and past that DG! Very good though but Piggy is not an idiot!
Piggy I owned you! :lol: :lol: :lol:

yes, i cut and pasted it.

it's from an article on sportsnet :roll:

Sportsnet is a dying network. 70% of their programming is poker.

All they have is the Jays. Period. They have a handful of Leafs games over the whole season, the NBA (non-Raptors most of the time) and Soccer Saturday which is moving to The Score.

Sportsnet is nothing but a billboard for Godfrey's Jays which in turn is a poster for Rogers wireless where the real money is made.

Here in ALberta we get to watch plenty of Oilers and Flames games on Sportsnet, so, imo, with the hockey coverage it's a pretty strong sports network in the west.