Sportsnet picks up CIS Canwest games

This was in the paper today. Sportsnet West and PAcific will show games the last two weeks of the regular season, plus the semis and finals of the canwest playoffs.

oct 22. U of S @ U of R (west) 1pm
oct 22. SFU @ U of A (PAcific) 1pm
oct 29. U of S @ U of C (West) 1pm
oct 29 U of R @ SFU or UBC @ U of A (Pacific) 1pm

nov 5 semi #1(west) 2 pm
nov 5 semi #2 (pacific) 2 pm
nov. 12 finals (both) 2 pm

Can West is the only conference that did not have a TV deal, so its about damn time they got one. Sportsnet says this is not neccesarily a yearly thing. They just said that it fit in this year. So make sure you watch these games so they will pick it up again next year and myabe show more games.
I feel bad for U of M though they don't get any games shown. Not sure if this is because they are at home or what. They might have a break on one of those weeks too.

Well, thats a good start. Better than what we had before...Just the Vanier.

We usually got the Semis too i think. Like the Churchill bowl and the other one. I forget what they are called.

Didn't they change one to the Uteck bowl and the other one was a Politician or govenor.....Mitchell rings a bell. I liked ATlantic and Churchhill better.

Last night 730 Mojo spent time promoting these televised games as well as the ones not teeivised. They mentioned that all the Canada West teams have radio coverage.

This is a good step in the right direction.