I have just read how a press conference has been called for tomorrow in Ottawa confirming the resignation of Lonnie. No other info who is taking over, but the story goes on to state how John Jenkins has entered the fight. Tearing a strip out of Phil Kershaw and Josh Liskowki for not backing Forrest Gregg. The circus continues.


Wow - Good for Ottawa.

My only question remains ... What or Who are the poor fans in Ottawa going to blame now?


Gone or not it does not solve anything until they hire Tillman to run the team.

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The Ottawa Renegades have called a press conference Thursday afternoon where team president Lonie Glieberman is expected to announce his resignation, according to Sportsnet Football Insider Eric Tillman.

Glieberman has been a lightening rod for criticism since assuming the leadership role last May when his father, Michigan businessman Bernie Glieberman, bought the Ottawa team for a second time, the first being the Rough Riders in 1991-93. While his $99 season ticket proved to be a major success, selling more than 5800 ducats, his controversial Mardi Gras promotion became a source of ridicule throughout the league, including CFL Commissioner Tom Wright, who expressed his disdain for the concept.

The personable Glieberman, 37, has privately expressed his disappointment in recent days regarding the role that team consultants John Lisowski and Phil Kershaw have played in the well-documented meeting with the senior Glieberman last month, in which they reportedly pushed for his son's ouster as well as that of Executive Vice President and General Manager Forrest Gregg.

A respected member of the NFL Hall of Fame, the 72-year-old Gregg has been the subject of much discussion in the nation's capital after forgetting starting quarterback Kerry Joseph's name during a live on-air radio interview.

This anticipated resignation will only further fuel the controversy that has exploded in recent weeks surrounding the fifth-year franchise.

Earlier Wednesday, new head coach John Jenkins, without naming names, leveled a blast that was clearly directed at Lisowski and Kershaw, with the former being in attendance at the team's press conference. When speaking about the attempt to marginalize Gregg, the colourful Jenkins left little doubt as to his true feelings on the matter using explosive terminology such as "evil", "disloyal", and "sick attempt to undermine".

It is believed that the younger Glieberman has strongly advised his father to look outside the organization for a new CEO to provide the team with fresh approach.

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The imploding Ottawa Renegades have contacted former Argonauts president Bob Nicholson about his interest in assuming a similar role.

Sources told The Toronto Sun yesterday there has been talk between Ottawa's ownership group and Nicholson, who worked for the Argos from 1994-'99.

The Renegades are in a chaotic state amid stories that Lonie Glieberman will address the media today and may announce he is stepping down as president.

First-year head coach John Jenkins sounded off about the team's state yesterday.

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John Jenkins says he has been to the end of creation looking for players these past four months. Yesterday, however, the coach made a non-scouting trip to the Ottawa Renegades’ version of the OK Corral.

At Frank Clair Stadium for the first time since being named the CFL team’s head coach on Nov. 7, Jenkins brought the organization’s power struggle to a head in stunning fashion just as team president Lonie Glieberman was giving serious consideration to resigning his post, which could be announced at a news conference today in Ottawa.

The flamboyant Texan took aim at part-time consultants Phil Kershaw and John Lisowski, the latter of whom was in the audience yesterday, for their attempts to have Glieberman and general manager Forrest Gregg replaced with a hand-picked football executive.

“A couple of our support staff had let their disloyalty be known and were attempting to discredit them and disillusion the people of Ottawa,” said Jenkins, dressed in his trademark red snakeskin boots and a matching blazer.

“It’s inexcusable and obviously shows a personal agenda over team goals,” Jenkins said. “That has happened in Ottawa before, and it delays the team’s process and success.”

With training camp less than three months away, Jenkins has thrown down a gauntlet as the two firmly staked-out camps await word from majority owner Bernie Glieberman, who was travelling to Central America yesterday.

Previously, it was believed Jenkins would survive into the 2006 season no matter what happened to Gregg or Lonie Glieberman. Now, the coach has made it clear he cannot co-exist with Kershaw and Lisowski.

“My relationship is with Bernie Glieberman,” Kershaw said. “I was retained by him to consult, and I take my direction from him. All I would say is John Lisowski and I are consultants, we’re not support staff. I won’t comment any further because I don’t think anything can be gained.”

Today, the shell-shocked younger Glieberman makes his return to Ottawa after four months at his family’s Michigan ski resort. He has already decided to sacrifice himself for the benefit of Gregg and/or Jenkins if his father takes the consultants’ advice.

“I didn’t think (Jenkins) would say anything like that,” Lonie Glieberman said. “I think he is expressing frustration at what is happening on the administrative side and what he sees as attempts to take out his boss.”

Jenkins unloaded toward the end of an hour-long sermon he called “the state of the offseason.” The wide-ranging speech covered proposed CFL rule changes, a June exhibition game in Halifax (including some of that city’s maritime history), and his coaching staff.

On one hand, Jenkins strongly defended his absence, saying he had spent 20-hour days on the road scouting and had a board listing 1,000 former NFL players. On the other, he made statements such as “inactivity in the offseason is normal.”

Jenkins also boasted that his unparalleled U.S. contacts would help him turn the '06 Renegades into the fastest team he had ever coached. On a humbler note, he admitted some “growing pains” were on the way and wasn’t bold enough to predict a playoff spot at the end of his first season.

Last month, Ottawa lost tailback Josh Ranek and Canadian offensive linemen George Hudson and Pascal Cheron to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as free agents. The club has since signed veteran lineman Sandy Annunziata and is talking with safety Richard Karikari and guard Bobby Singh.

“Let’s remember, a lot of these free agents we’re talking about started out as unknown,” Jenkins said referring to American players he has found, but hasn’t yet signed.

Jenkins now departs for a whirlwind trip to five American states. He is to be back in Canada three weeks from now for an evaluation camp of draft prospects in Toronto before settling into Ottawa.

In his wake, a divided organization is left with business and football branches at odds for a third time in three years, a fact that seemed to elude the coach yesterday, when he concluded: “I hope I have relieved some of those tensions and answered some of those questions.”

Well, this would be great for sure. Hopefully they can get someone credible in this position like a Tillman but until the ship gets corrected even more, I doubt that someone of Tillman's class would even think about taking this job.

I think I speack for every Cricket fan in Ottawa (and there should be a few) when I say.





More turmoil–CFL will need to find another owner…BERNIE will not keep pumping in the dough…so once again the internal politics of a dysfunctional management threaten the very existence of the team in Ottawa…

Yes Lonnie was looney in his marketing schemes–yes Forrest Gregg,Lonnie’s figurehead GM was out of it talking to media…but he did not do the scouting–JENKINS and his scouts did that–SO once again the media and the Kershaw-Lisowski (JENKINS called them disloyal) duo have set in motion a process that could scupper the Renegades chances of surviving
since BERNIE will now care less…

This is a chicken & egg thing:

The Corporate Sponsors would not sign on because they loathed Lonnie’s crude and scandalous marketing ploys—with no Corpoarate support and meagre $$$ from seasaon tickets (only 4,000) Kershaw and Lisowski the “consultants” hired by BERNIE had no choice but to demand Lonnie get out so that the $$$ would come in --but in doing that they risk the BIGGER PICTURE–WHY SHOULD BERNIE EVEN WANT THE TEAM NOW?

And even if BERNIE keeps it -will he now give 100% support? Will Jenkins be shoved out as coach by some new guy like Nicholson or whoever they bring in to run the operation? Or if kershaw and Lisowski stay–how can JENKINS work with them after implying they were traitors to Lonnnie (who after all hired him)…

This soap opera continues…

This somehow looks like the case of someone who was rolled over by a truck, prior to being victim of a medical error while in the operating room.

While the body keeps on being more damaged, and the recovery is expected to take even longer, it is no reason to stop trying to make things okay.

There may be a lot of shuffling and drama at the helm of the Rens, but at least there are some things going on. We should all keep on hoping the Rens get through these hard times.

This is a tough read......There are so many daggers being thrown at each other, I need a program to tell things apart!

Loonie being dumpped has to be good for the team. I really don't think that nutbar knows how to run a team. While mlgottfan is skeptical whether the senior Glieberman will stay on and keep shovling money if sonny boy is dumpped, it may be an opportunity for Bernie to actually hire a real football person to run the organization.

Which begs the question......Who in their right mind would want to go there?

Here's what we should do. The mod squad should be in charge of running the operations in Ottawa. As a democratic council, we'd drop by and listen to everyone's suggestions on the forum. We would then implement the better or the funniest, depending on our daily mood.

Honestly, could we do any worst than Lonnie?

Good idea Third, but if you listened to the forum, you'd have Kanga lobbying DAILY for his Action point! :wink:

I don't think so, I think the vets on this forum could definably do a better job with Ottawa than LG.

My problem is that my suggestion to change Ottawa's colors to Red and Gold like in 1994 would never fly on here, at least not until Ottawa is in a more contifitable position. I have to learn to be more persuasive. Wish this was 2001, when changing the colors of the new Ottawa team was a greater possibility.

if we were running the league, maybe, but this is just Ottawa were talking about here.

As much as the Gleibs have to be credited for spending their money and probably saving the franchise, it is now more then evident they have to go. Which brings us to the $64,000 question, who, if anyone, will step forward. What about the minority owner Bill Smith???

BigDave's three rules of CFL franchise ownership:

Rule #1: The owner needs to be someone arms-length, who hires the best football people (not his best friends) to run the team, and the best business people (not his best friends) to run the organization. Then step back, sign the cheques, and let those who know what they're doing do it. If Bernie wants to be that owner, fine.

Rule #2: There is NO rule #2.

Rule #3: The owner should be someone who is passionate about the game, the league, and the team. While I can't speak for the successes everywhere in the league, I know that the owners in Hamilton, Toronto and B.C. are all CFL fans. The problem is that a lot of fans want to do things their way, and end up violating rule #1.

Anyone who wants to own a team must agree to abide by these three (okay, TWO) rules.

.......Ted Hellard, the marjority owner of the Stamps subscribes to these rules BD......

Good rules Big Dave!

Arms length is something that Lonie has no comprehension. Knew it right from the start when he said that things will be different this time around, I knew he would interfere.