Sportsnet East Review

You gotta like Jim Lang when it comes to unbiased reporting. As much as I didn't like his power rankings the last couple of seasons, he always tells it like it really is, not favouring any team especially of the blue persuasion.

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Perry Lefko kind of reminds me of Marty York, seems to want to report only on the state of how great the double blues are.

It's unbiased because he doesn't make any predictions, I don't know why he said we don't have a deep threat. Apparently he doesn't know much about Toni Miles.

I don;t understand why the sportswriters and broadcasters are overlooking the Cats this season! I think we will surprise quite a few people this season!

i think we will surprise many people too but when u are the worst team in the league for 3 out of the last 4 seasons or 4 out 5 (whatever it is) people assume you to be bad again.

I think we’ll be better than Montreal this year, provided Lumsden and Printers play 14+ games this year.

i think we can beat montreal. they are banged up (Cahoon, Thurmom, Payton and proulx are out), Calvillo is aging and they have a coaching staff with basically no experience in the CFL.

8) To the contrary, Perry Lefko is one of the most knowledgable and fair football writers in Canada !!! He simply told the exact truth in his article on the TiCats and anyone who takes exception to his views hasn't been watching the Cats for the past 2 years !!!

It's Lefko's type of unbiased reporting that we need more of in this league !!!!

nice read