Sportsnet doing more on CFL than TSN, Pretty Bad

Noticed on Sportsnet alot more on CFL than TSN, when Tsn is propose to be the offical CFL network.

                                               PS: This has been going on all year, I hope the commissioner takes note.


Poised to take over the Argos? Or get a separate team into the CFL? At some point? Who knows.

Sportsnet is doing more, are they? So tell me, Spidey, how many games have they broadcast this season? What's that, I can't hear you. None, you say? But I thought they were "doing more." :roll:

I totally disagree 100%

Sportsnet does SQUAT compared to TSN.

they don't care one spit about the CFL! they only make sure the standings are up to date, and a few of their reporters make some articles.. but they really don't care about us! afterall, they're own by Rogers Media, who really really badly wants and NFL team!!

TSN is doing an awesome job , this is comming from a guy who really doesn't like the Toronto Sports Network ,but Kudos when they are due.

How about this question, could TSN do better? I like Landsberg's work, he seems to have a lot of CFL on his show. (Too bad about his creepy new face) The TSN panel is hokey but cool, Dunnigan is a real pro. I always want more and cooler promo work, especially for up-coming games. They could learn a lot from the No Fun about making it look more impressive IMHO.

A couple of perspectives. Number one, TSN is doing an excellent job just in the fact they televise all the games and have a dedicated CFL panel. They have invested in the CFL - BIG TIME.

Point number two. Sportsnet really doesn't need to do that much since they have very little or nothing invested in the CFL. They do have to cover it somewhat of course because TV numbers indicate and other surveys that the CFL does matter to a fairly large number of Canadians but apart from that, they don't have to cover much looking at from their own point of view for what they own and televise sports wise. Enjoy what they give you and if you don't, well, as I say TSN does televise all the games and have a panel and that.

The network I never watch any more for CFL coverage, well for anything apart from CIS football, is the Sports Network. I used to like The Snap but they don't produce this show any more, too bad, I liked it with Duane Forde.

I think you meant the Score

Well, I hope you meant the Score, because it is pretty hard to be a CFL fan without watching the Sports Network

Yes, thanks Brett, brain cramp.


                          What I meant was Sporsnet on their regular sports of the day show which repeats itself daily, has more coverage on the CFL, specially sportsnet West, honestly more clips on all CFL teams than TSN Sportsdesk now Sportscentre.

                              I know and agree with your comments about Rogars the owner and a NFL team and NFL coverage and I also do not and avoid watching the Rogars network and will not buy their products or support their network, mainly because their out to destroy the CFL at any cost.

Who cares if Sportsnet shows more clips. TSN broadcasts all 77 regular season and playoff games!!!

I don't mean to be picky, but I count only 72 regular season games.. it doesn't take away from your point that spidey seems to be missing.. until sportsnet broadcasts some CFL games, and before the contract with TSN they had plenty of chances to do just that-- TSN is by far the superior network for CFL coverage.

Wrong first of all.
Second, Sportsnet is owned by Rogers and enough said.

Sambo, you missed what I said. I said 77 regular season AND playoff games. I was counting all the games.

Sorry Chief.. I thought you meant that as 77 regular season games, plus playoff games..

As long as there is coverage, I don't care which network is doing it.

Speaking of coverage, can someone get a suit that fits Chris Schultz properly? God...he looks like he's being dressed by Omar the tentmaker (formerly Rita McNeill's wardrobe supplier).

I would prefer that someone take out his vocal cords... :twisted:

And Rita McNeil's, while you're at it. :twisted:

Landsberg's face is creepy now! I watched his show last week as I haven't seen it for a while . It was on HD and I thought WOW! this guy has a face for Radio. He seems to be a mix of Marcel Marceau and Lloyd Robertson.

I agree with you. The game highlights and interview clips on Sportnet West are excellent. They are much beteer than TSNs. Sportsnet Ontario is a whole different story.