Sportsnet CFL TV Coverage?

So I'm kinda ticked off that the current run of Renegades games aren't televised. :x

How about we let Sportsnet know the interest there would be in this Saturday's Renegades-TiCats matchup. Send a note to Sportsnet at the following:;jsessionid=KAAIBEHCMKFH

It doesn't matter what we do. Sportsnet said "The rating won't add up". So I guess you get alot more viewers by showing Sportsnet news from 4am to 1pm ET, with 40 freaking Baseball/Jays games in a month, poker almost everyday (I like poker it just gets eventually boring to watch on TV) and other shows like that Prime Time radio show.
If Sportsnet started showing some CFL I'd forgive em for all that other stuff.

How can you sit and watch poker? :shock:

I mean I like to play the game

I just can't believe the 'United Strongman Series', slated for this Saturday evening at 7:30 PM is going to out-rate CFL when two Ontario teams are matched up. NASCAR, well it is popular I guess, but Sportsnet should rethink things a little. If the ratings aren't there, why have CBC and TSN increased their coverage?

All the crap is cheap, broadcasting football is not. I'd like more CFL news, player interviews on Sportsnet instead of all that baseball coverage.

CBC and TSN are both seeing great ratings for the CFL.

You said it Football16, broadcasting football is not cheap. And Sportsnet, from what I can gather, doesn't want to make the effort, at this time anyway, to get into broadcasting CFL games where they may lose some casholla at the beginning. Easier and more profitable for them to just pickup of baseball or poker feed. But I am personally making a concerted effort of not watching Sportsnet any more unless I absolutely have to like when I know Eric Tillman is on or CFL post-game interviews which they do the odd time, or the odd time I want to see Nick Kypreos make a fool of himself talking about hockey. Other than that, it's TSN and The Score all the way.

Do you really think that maybe 50 e-mails sent to them will change their mind? Probably not. They're in their little bubble making money off of Poker ads and their 500 something baseball games. Really though, I want to know how much money they make from showing poker games and online poker ads.

Poker is gaining noteriety lately - more and more people are into it, and from what I've heard, it's great for networks to broadcast because of the viewers they are starting to reach. One thing disturbs me, though. I thought sport networks were supposed to cover sport, and I thought sport was to involve athletics. Can someone please explain to me the logic of including card-playing as a "sport"???? :?

This is a question that will forever remain a mystery.

Well there was talk of making bridge an olympic sport :shock:

Are you serious? That has to be a jokeā€¦ A BAD joke considering they took out a serious sport like baseball

I remember hearing it on the radio a while back.

The anouncer then went on to talk about how in the first olympics the athletes were compeating in the nude.
Now imagine senior citizens sitting nude around the bridge table :shock:

................................. why? why did we need that mental image .......... :cry:

Hey you asked if I was serious :lol:

So Sportsnet goes for the cheap foreign content. Losers! I wonder if they meet their Canadian content...oh yeah...all the BlueJays games...I still think Sportsnet is missing out, especially with last weekends TV ratings. Can broadcasting a Bluejays game be any more expensive then a football game?

They have to broadcast the Blue Jays as it their team so they will do whatever to promote them. But Sportsnet has something agains't football right now and/or the CFL, and I don't know exactly what the problem is. I had to laugh last night when I heard, I didn't watch it, that Sportsnet covered the ever important sporting event, the John Daly hitting balls across Niagara Falls, what a biggy Canadian event. Unreal.

After I sent them an e-mail this is all I got back.

Hello Marko,

Thanks for your recent email. Unfortunately, due to other programming commitments, we did not go after the broadcasting rights for any CFL games. Our apologies that we are unable to assist you further.

Jim --------------
Audience Relations

What the hell? Is that all you can tell us? What other programing commitments? I turn on my TV and see that all they have on is a full show about a bunch of guys skateboarding around a city for an hour. :x