sportsnet: calvillo done for the year

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Maas is now Montreal's starter.

The article implies that Popp knew a while back Calvillo wouldn't finish the season due to more than just his shoulder being hurt. That's why trading for Maas and his big salary didn't faze Popp, I guess.

Kudos to Desjardins and his quick "no thought" trades. After all we got a 3rd string fullback for Maas. Woo Hoo! He's building for the future. Maybe 3 or 4 wins next year. Can't wait!

Would'a, should'a, could'a....hindsight is 20/20. Marcel was making this Printer's team and getting Maas out of here was essential. I love how people before would have traded Maas for nothing.

Im sure you would be the same person that if an opportunity to trade Maas didn't come up and we didn't trade him you would be all over Marcel.

I dont see that in the article at all.

It was all part of the plan. Yousee the plan was to stick with Maas while he was at 20% arm strength no matter how bad he played then when he fully recovered trade him for nothing. Also part of our plan was to trade our best players to make room for Maas's contract so we could pull this move off.

Funny how Maas is worthless when he's here as our QB, but as soon as his ineffectivenesss has been established and it's time to trade him, now we shuld get the sun and moon for him.


8) How right you are !!!!! Laughable is an understatement !!!!!


I think him being done for the year has a lot more to do with his wife than his shoulder and good for him for having his priorities in the right order. Too often people put their job ahead of their family and find some sort of justification for it. AC is a good man.

Cap'n, do you think it is possible that
the people who expected better value
for Jason Maas when we traded him

are different people than the ones
who thought that he was worthless
when he was here as our QB?

Ah, Ron has highlighted perhaps the most common logical error made on this site.

  1. Person 1 said "A"
  2. Person 2 said "B"
  3. "A" and "B" are inconsistent
  4. Therefore all of you people make no sense

I could point out at least one such fallacy every day

Please do. :smiley:

Just read the article.

Considering what Calvillo and his family are going through, everything else, including football is meaningless.

Allow me to explain: for the 2 years Maas was here he was clearly injured and had little arm strength, so the team stuck with him through all his struggles then 2 weeks after players announce he is finally 100% we trade him for nothing. We could have traded him for nothing 2 years ago and used the cap room on other things, nothing this team does makes any sense.

Don't be surprised tonight
if you see Jason Maas
saving Jim Popps' skin

winning against Calgary.