Poll: CFL vs. NFL

PLAYMAKER88, u are a disgrace and are not worthy of using bret harts monkier as your signature.

move to america!...and stay there this time

CFL CFL CFL CFL…Alternative to the No Fun league

now thats just DEEP

who is breat hart? you think i give a damn about some joke wrestler? i dont care abotu bret hart, and this aint his monkier, he owns nothing, he is a joke, wrestling is a joke, and my signature has nothing to do with this football discussion, stop changing the subject, i am the greatest football mind that you have encountered, you should tip your hat and bow before me, since im wasting my time to chat with you.

trevis smith, kenton keith, nate davis, all those guys reflect your province, city, and orgnization, stop denying it.

They represent the Riders, who do not represent me.

sing "On a cold and gray Toronto morn, a brand new troll is born in the ghetto. (in the ghetto).." /sing

Thugs huh?
Fights huh?
Have a look at the NFC rap sheet

Here is the AFC rap sheet!


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so whats your point? all you prairie boys hype the cfl as being holy and righteous, yet the cfl is thug heaven, guys that cant stop doing drugs under the nfl rules, want the cfl because you can take roids, smoke weed, take anything, and the cfl doesnt stop you.

ro isn't a prairie boy.....and not all of the people here are boys, for the record.....I would assume a person in such a position as yourself with all your wisdom would know the importance of fact-checking before posting....

It's college ball for cryin out loud!!! The fans are DRUNK!!

Did you even look at the links?
You have NFLers chargered with drug trafficing, assault, rape and murder!!!!!

You want to compair that to smoking pot?

i am the greatest football mind that you have encountered,
Good to hear!!! By the look of your posts you never used it in school. :roll:

Hard to be a great mind when you can't spell or form sentences. :slight_smile:

I don’t care if you’re a 3rd generation candle stick maker!! You are an awful liar!! A 3rd gen. CFL HATER wouldn’t hang around this website. And…please tell me (again) how money makes a player better???

Look…there’s plenty of sites for you to go to where no one will listen. They’re all associated with the nfl…bye,bye :thup:

Based on his lack of knowledge of everything.
He prob thinks Montreal is in the praries!

i know my facts, i know the nfl has thugs, criminals, ex-cons, drug dealers, but i dont care, i dont pay their salary, i aint their owners, i just care about pure entertainment on sundays, as lnog as these guys do good on sundays, help out my fantasy pool, then im happy, i aint got time to worry about other people's problems, everybody here can rip the cfl or nfl, in facts i dont care, all i care about is being entertained while i enjoy a bowl of wings and a pitcher of beer. off the chains baby.

everybody here can rip me for my spelling and grammar, but i dont care, if you dont like it, then dont read it, this is an internet forum , its casual, laid-back and there is no need to type like im a new reporter. Im just a regular guy that likes to kick back, relax, enjoy some brew, im watching the ti-cats and argos game right now, i like the ticats all-white helmet, jersey, and pants look, so leave me alone.

A regular guy on the board of for miami hurricanes football team boosters association. Who also runs football camps in western new york, miami, and alabama, and was also the former quarterbacks coach at alabama a & m.


"off the chains baby"???

What an overtly charming statement from an upstanding guy....

the chicken wings that im eating are off the chains, they taste beautiful, im licking my fingers, your just jealous that you have to eat humble pie.