Poll: CFL vs. NFL

Scroll down and vote!

As of now, the NFL is leading by 1% :thdn:

Its a landslide.

NFL is winning.

Come on CFL fans.


It’s a fixed poll! I went there and since you can vote more then once I just thought I would keep hitting the vote button? Problem is that I had to hit about fifteen times to get the total count to move one digit.

Says I can only vote once.

I didn't read that but maybe I missed it too. Wouldn't be the first time. Still think it's fixed though. :o

Sure it’s fixed!
Go to the page again, notice how the NFL is automatically selected unless you change it to something else?

It is supposed to be blank!!!

You'd think that Sportsnet being a Canadian channel would have CFL selected first! C'mon guys! :?

you people are hilarious. you're all in denial. delusional even. denying the popularity of the NFL is outlandish and straight up ignorent. how is it so unbelievable to you all that the NFL is popular?

listen to yourselves, "the vote is rigged." , "the order of the selections is changing the results.", "you can vote multiple times" .. sad ..

why not just accept that the NFL is a very popular league and some people in Canada like it? some even prefer it. who cares?! denying this just makes yourselves appear foolish or look like a poor loser.

just because a large group of people don't nescisarily agree on YOUR favorite league, it is no reason to deny the popularity of another, or cry foul.


I thought you were leaving statik

you gotta go with college football, they have intense legit rivalries that are better than the cfl labour day games.

ncaa football has a variety of offenses like the pro-style, the wishbone, the option, the spread, the run and shoot.

You have the best fans, very passionate, very hyped up, and fans running on the field after the games.

best tv contracts, eveyr saturday there is a prime time game, people are there for the lvoe of the game not the money.

as of right now its 54% nfl, 35% cfl, in your face, Roger Goddell and the NFL rules once again, can you dig it?

those who vote for NFL are either

  1. youngsters who know and care nothing about patriotism and canadian tradition

  2. 1st or second generation Canadians

  3. lower ontario american wannabees

  4. non canadians who can still find the site and vote, thereby making the results useless as far as assessing how Canadians actually feel.

This thread reminds me of something that was once pointed out to me. the thought was "Just because a lot of people might agree on something that's a bad idea, doesn't make it any less of a bad idea". I guess in this case, I'm trying to say "Who cares if the NFL is more popular....that doesn't make it a better choice. :wink:

Sorry FYB
I fail to see how being first or second generation makes any difference in how someone votes.

I say this as a first generation Canadian!

im a third generation canadian, and the nfl is much better, better players, cheerleaders(dallas cowboys, raiderettes, those chicks from the carolina panthers), the nfl has better stadiums, uniforms, tv deals, better history, only 4 commissioners in like 40 + years, better tailgating, better championship game/week, better draft, better everything, and they got their own video game and tv network.

Feel free to toddle along and watch it then....buh-bye.....

by the way aren't you embarrassed to be a fan of a team that employs thugs that infect women with STDs, start brawls at nightclubs, and a guy that starts fights 24/7, and your team bascially promotes their fans as banjo playing inbreds.

Actually I'm not, you see, because what that team does is in no way reflective of me as a person.....much like the way the collective class of humankind is in no way reflective of you as a person.....

I dont mean to suggest that all 1st or 2nd gen will vote NFL, only that the odds are higher, assuming they into sportsfootball to begin with.

I say this for 2 reasons.

First, those who are newer to the country, ie their family first came here say post wwII, just for argument sake, are not so ingrained in history and making of this country. Lots of exceptions I know, but I am speaking in general. Tradition, history of pioneerism, etc is not ingrained into them. Being proud of Canadian things is not so strongly passed down from one gen to another, etc. For instance, my family(s) has been here for very many generations. They are of various background, predominantly irish and scottish. Yet we do not call ourselves irish-canadians, or scottish-canadians etc. We are pure Canadians and loyal to all things Canadian. This is not so true with those who call them selve blank-canadians.

  1. 1st gen canadians who came over here in the last 30 yrs have been bombarded with bad press about CFL and excess NFL marketing. So, when they wonder what pro sports to get into in America, they are heavily influenced to NFL and USA pro ball. This also influences 2nd and even recent 3rd gen.