Confirmation d’un secret de polichinelle

CFL/Alouettes have finally released a statement confirming the transition.

Let the speculation continue as to who the new owners will be.

What wasn`t mentioned in the press release is thatAndré Proulx will taking over as Als GM.

Not good news! It never is when a league has to purchase a franchise. Their main purpose is managing the entire league and in as an unbiased a manner as possible.

What it means is that nobody is interested, at least not now. And the Wettenhalls should have bowed out a long time ago. Conducting business like this, so close to the start of the season - boo! hiss!

As I said, not good news.

Au moins nous sommes maintenant mieux informés de la situation.

Espérons que nous allons tous nous concentrer sur la saison de football 2019.


TSN got the confirmation:

The “LOL” in the title was Sportsnet BREAKING the story without a source.

Time for me to put some $$$ in this club.

Selon Didier Orméjuste, la Ligue s’est sonnée le 1er juillet comme date butoirs pour trouver un nouveau propriétaire.

Finally some clarification on the situation!

How long can the CFL be the owner?

Maybe I’m translating incorrectly, July 1 is the deadline to find a new owner? What happens after that?

Perhaps the deadline was supposed to be June 1? That would explain today’s official takeover and statement.

Orméjuste parle bien le 1er juillet, mais aussi (j’ai oublié de le mentionné) que la LCF aurait retenu quatre offres d’achat. La date du 1er juillet serait donc la date butoirs privilégiée pour faire l’annonce du nouveau propriétaire si jamais elle n’est pas faite avant.

The league(via Bell) can be owner to infinity. I know it might seem uncertain at this point but it
will resolve itself.

Bell just dropped this press release for Media Upfronts.(this is the dog and pony show for advertisers)

The Alouettes and CFL are important to BELL.

The important questions are revolving around vendors/personnel.
Are they being paid?
Will the league hinder the AL’s by cutting back on practice roster/cutting veteran talent?

Appreciate the clarification. Sounds like a soft deadline but the sooner the better.

The league can now negotiate with prospective owners without the Wetenhall being involved.

I doubt the league wants to own them for any length of time.

Johnny partly agrees with Bujold. Thanks to Robert W for 1997-2012. But, Andrew destroyed the team from 2014-2019.

Johnny, I think you should do a poll now as to who we think the new ownership group will end up being.

Obviously the league doesn’t want to own the team for long … the first home game is July 4th … July 1st may be the “deadline” for sale this season … would make for a nice “introduction” at the July 4th game … if not, waiting to the end of the season might make the sale cleaner/.easier as the new owners would have the entire offseason to put plans in place

Good idea Sheldon! :slight_smile: