Sportsnet Articles on Ticats- June 27/09

Here is the link to two articles about the Ticats on today:

The first one is about Marcel Bellefeuille attempting to convince the team to "dream large":

[url=] ... Preview-0/[/url]

The second one, by Perry Lefko, is about the silence of the Ticats organization as to whether Quinton Porter or Kevin Glenn will start at quarterback against the Argos on Canada Day:

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Good, because the talks in today's paper were reeally depressing. All off season it's been "we've improved so much, the fans can expect a winning team in '09 blah blah blah" and today it was "well this takes more than one year to fix so don't be suprised if we don't do well this year because we're mostly building for a dominant future blah blah blah" Basically giving the same speech Marcel Desjardins did 6 years ago saying it'd take 5 years to fix. Now they're calling for 2-3 more years on top of that. I have an idea. Why don't you focus on getting your team to win THIS YEAR, and worry about years to come during the next off-season free agency and CFL draft. Lil early to beg the fans for mercy, I don't think they have faith in the team after all. Hell, I've even got a quote from Obie in one of those booklets they hand out in the games saying that we should expect a great year from the cats and now it's all doom and gloom and please be patient. I have been patient for the last decade while they've been restructuring the team. Now or never, do or die. Fans won't stand behind you for 3-5 more losing seasons.

Win or lose I will always be a Cats fan.

But then again I am also a leafs fan.....

That explains your ability to put up with alot of losing lol.

Marcel Desjardins was hired as Ticats GM on Aug. 29, 2006. If Marcel had given any such speech 6 years ago, he would have done so as part of the management team of the Montreal Alouettes.

And for anyone who needs help with the arithmetic, Aug. 29 2006 was less than 3 years ago.

Tact, my man!


Everyone! Be on your toes.

If you thought it was bad having spelling police on this site
now safetyblitz is on the hunt for arithmetic glitches. :roll:

I wasn’t being the “arithmetic police”. The issue wasn’t that the original post’s meaning wasn’t clear, but that it totally misrepresented the reality of the situation. The original poster was citing numbers to make a point, and I was merely replacing a bogus claim with a factual one. :cowboy: