Sportsnet article belittles CFL salaries

Notice how it is written by the "Sportsnet Staff" and not a named columnist...

[u]CFL money demands add up to little[/u] SPORTSNET STAFF

[b]The smaller the pie is, the harder hungry folks will fight for it.

Certainly the CFL and CFLPA feel that way, as they’re close to entering a work stoppage in a dispute over—among other issues such as revenue sharing and player safety—the size of the league’s salary cap. The players have proposed averages of about $5.7 million per team, while the leagues proposals are closer to about $5.15 million.[/b]

In other words, the entire difference between the union and the league could be bridged by one season of Alouettes receiver Chad Johnson’s NFL salary during his heyday with the Cincinnati Bengals.
In fact, when compared to most North American pro sports dollar figures, the CFL’s problems seem pretty petty.

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They are jealous that the CFL is not spending crazy like MLB teams do. Keep spending the millions Rogers on those baseball players. Too funny, gotta love it, the only ones they are belittling is themselves and making themselves the joke. :smiley: :thup: Rogers does seem to care though what’s going on in the CFL. :wink:

Rogers, you gambled the CFL wasn’t worth it for your sports network. And you lost. Now all you have is one baseball team rather than an entire league and TSN still covers baseball and airs baseball games. I get up to date every day on baseball with TSN and Sportscentre and as well get my CFL coverage. And since I rarely watch full NHL games, like baseball, I generally rely on TSN Sportscentre which will have all the NHL games highlights every day during NHL season. I have no need to watch Sportsnet, at all, for my daily sports news. Thank goodness! 8)

Some Rogers employee or employees have way to much bitch time on their hands.

As long as the players accept the deal what does it matter? do we care if it's a bad or good deal, it's their deal not ours.

Well I think to put it into perspective, this deal is a stepping stone to something greater down the road should the CFL continue to prosper. As I say, I'm sure there is a clause, spelled out or not, of "good faith" for something down the road. I can understand with a short football career that may be difficult, well will be difficult for some players to see but in the long run, all the current players want to see the league prosper and Rome wasn't built in a day. The Argo franchise needs to get on much more solid ground if it is important to the league and I think it is. Time will tell here but I think it will pass with the players albeit as I say there will be a certain portion not happy. That's understandable as is the case with many negotiations of this kind. Rogers is probably going to try and upset the applecart and prevent the Argos from becoming stable and maybe even profitable at some point but it looks like the Argos and CFL have a partner in MLSE so that is good. The Argos need better ownership than now as most see it and the development of an excellent practice facility will go a long way to helping the Argo brand. Let's hope that happens, again as another stepping stone.

Considering sportsnet is the minor leagues of sports channels, they shouldn't be throwing stones.

Yup,just consider the source,this is the network that outside of Jays games offers up for your viewing pleasure such gems as WWE RAW and Smackdown,world poker tournaments and lots and lots of borrring soccer.SportsNet is a JOKE!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn:

Sportsnet can go suck donkey****s! I just can't comprehend the mentality of the people who work there. They are so focused on American sports culture that Canadian sports culture is an afterthought. They've been beaten down and seem to feel like they have to pass that along to the rest of us...#lame

Wow this is a surprise, not.
From the likes of Cox, McCown and Brunt?

It is sad that Rogers, Canadian Owned and operated, seems so focused on trying to belittle a wholly Canadian entity, and TSN which is owned by a mulitnational corporation has not only promoted but help rebuild the CFL's identity. Not that TSN doesn't suck up to the US as well, but Rogers really has taken up the Toronto image of what most people outside of Southern Ontario think of it, a sell out. Instead of truly being a Canadian leader, Rogers (Toronto), would rather be a two bit hack for the US.

Here's Rogers response to the CFL's "This is our League" promotion:

[url]Football For Beginners: NFL vs CFL - YouTube

Incidentally, Rogers took $12.4 Billion out of the pockets of Canadians in 2012, while receiving $22 million from Heritage Canada for the production of "Canadian content" like this (the very same year Rogers Sportsnet/Damian Cox viciously attacked Mr. Braley the day after the Argos Grey Cup win, for receiving $5 million from Heritage Canada to celebrate the 100th Grey Cup.) :x

As I say, Rogers is so jealous of TSN and the relationship they have with the CFL it makes them look small time with all the rhetoric agains't the CFL. Of course, all is fair in war and obviously Rogers and Sportsnet realizes they lost a great opportunity with the CFL so they have to put down their opponents, just like politics I suppose. :wink:

One would think they would do the opposite in some ways though, make people like me want to switch my MLB team from the Tigers to the Jays and go to games in their stadium and spend money in their stadium. Maybe that just makes too much sense I suppose. Who knows, I don't work in the marketing department at Rogers and have no idea how they think there.

Ummm, they DO realize we’re talking about a domestic league with a population of less than 35MM, right? And that their beloved NHL wouldn’t be paying its players the millions of dollars they make without teams in the USA??

Granted, NHLers would still make more than CFL players, but they’re comparing American/North American leagues to a strictly Canadian one. SMH.

Anything, no matter how desperate and petty it seems, to unseat TSN as Canada's sports leader.

Seriously, CFL fans should consider bringing in signs ripping into Rogers with all this crap they keep spouting. Stuff like Sportsnet Disconnected - Canadian in name only or Sportsnet Disconnected - Stinking up sports reporting

All the money they are paying for the NHL Rogers Sportnet division may find it self out of business

rhymes, come on, don't you know you're getting a bit too complicated and in depth there for the Rogers folk to understand. Keep it simple would you please! :wink:

Someone should do a similar graphic comparing Sportsnet's employees' salaries with those of ESPN, Fox Sports, or any other US network. While they are it it, they should point out that "failures" like Sportsnet's Hazel Mae couldn't make it in the states, so had to "settle for second rate" Canadian television, while Dan and Jay, from TSN have "made it," and are making the big bucks.

Really, based on their logic, in this way, anyone who is in Canadian sports media is "second rate" because they don't pull down the US $$$, which are totally different because of the economies of scale, and certainly should be made fun of in terms of their pay, especially in comparison to American sports casters salaries.

Funny thing is, you NEVER hear guys like Dan Shulman or John Saunders disrespecting the CFL. Nor do you ever hear US coaches, players or media types (think Chris Berman, here) do so, either. In fact, when it comes to people like Shulman or Saunders, they remember their roots, and don't become assholes, even though they have have made it-- well beyond the dreams of the petty SN losers.

Nobody should care what they think. As long as the football is really entertaining, which it is, the fact that most of the players (now all of them with the new CBA) only make more than the average Canadian while only playing 6 months of the year is pretty irrelevant from a fan point of view. And if somebody just can't get over the fact that many guys are making only $50-100K, they can at least console themselves with Ricky Ray's $4-500K a year.

The whole money-begets-quality argument is so specious. Only the intellectually lazy focus on that.

Rogers is obviously so desperate for the CFL to fail it's too funny. Someone is feeling the heat inside that company that said no to the CFL. I would think if they have to disrespect a Canadian league like that. Very apparent. What's also funny is they are luring away TSN people with big contracts. But the fact remains, TSN will continue to do just fine and continue to attract good young people to them.

My guess at some point Rogers will try to buy out TSN but I doubt Bell will allow that.