Sportsnet and The Score....appalling reporting

So last Sunday I missed the Ticat game as I was travelling to the East coast. By the time I got to my hotel room TSN had switched to NFL football so I couldn't catch any highlights there. Fair enough...they obviously pick up the feed from an American channel for NFL football so I can understand not getting any CFL info then.

BUT....I watched Sportsnet for almost an hour and not only did I not get any CFL highlights.....they wouldn't even flash the score across the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen. I saw scores for MLB, NHL, NFL, and every minor and junior hockey league on the face of the earth as well as British soccer.

I mean for God's sake people....your friggin job is to report sports scores...not be so friggin petty and with hold the CFL score. I'm absolutely appalled by actions. I can understand that it's Rogers....the same organization that is hell bent on getting an NFL team into Toronto...but to resort to petty actions. Really.

And the Score wasn't any better.

I dont check out sportsnet much, but I have never not seen cfl results on the score. Obviously one usually has to wait thru a ton of NFL, NBA, NHL, and or MBA scores. Perhaps you got bored and blinked a little too long everytime the cfl score came up :wink:

took along time, but I just saw todays game score for all of 2 seconds. Had to wade thru at least 2 rounds of nhl and other scores first.

I dont even bother with those stations. You wanna know the score, find it on this site.

Normally I do check this site but as I said...I was traveling and had no access to a computer. And was Sunday night and I sat and watched the same scores repeated over and over but NO CFL score.

Technology has moved us past the need for the 'Sportsdesk' experience. With any smart phone you can receive updates from this site,, Drew's blog, and phone??????

Is that another name for one of them selly phony thingys???

I can't remember the last time I've even watched the Sportsnet news because I know the CFL gets short shrift because of their jealousy of CFL football with their rivals TSN. TSN is basically all I watch as I know CFL will be the first highlights or near the first once hockey is on. I don't even know the news casters at Sporstnet anymore. Do they still have that Evana, cute girl I will say.

Ahhh...Blackberry, IPhone, that sorta thing. I haven't had a standard cell phone thingy for awhile so not sure if you can get text updates on football scores. With a smart phone and carrier signal you can watch the game or highlights anytime you wish.

Just saying...

I'm really looking forward to next Saturday when I will officially no longer be a customer of the Rogers empire...


I will not be interested in even watching any Rogers network any more either. I will be moving our two Rogers numbers to Koodo (a Telus subsidiary (corporate sponsor of the CFL)). I know it won't hurt their bottom line too much :lol: , however I will certainly feel better.

Makes me feel better not buying tickets for BlueJays anymore even though as a team I wish them all the best and to succeed.

To Rogers, Canadian football is the enemy, even high school and CIS football. Rogers has the NFL rights for Canada and only the CFL stands in it's way of winning the hearts and minds of football fans for the NFL and the Bills. You are lucky if Sportnet even mentions the CFL, often in the second half of their sportscast. Which is rather odd, considering the ratings prove the CFL is clearly the second most popular sport in Canada?

Let's not even talk about the $78 million he gave to the Bluffalo Bills. Rogers also spent millions on the International Bowl in Toronto, featuring two American NCAA teams...but precious little coverage for CIS football. Rogers also hosted the High School Metro Bowl championship series two years ago, but insisted the teams switch to American rules, then he would lift the normal $50,000 RC rental fee on behalf of the Bills. :x

thats funny because our local newpaper prints out the standings of the CFL even tho there is no tv or news or even stats on the CFL anywhere here .... every once in a while you can catch a game on the tv somewhere but usually a rebroadcast of a game

Xv, I guess we shouldn't be so hard on Rogers, they are giving their money to upstate New York to help that part of the US out since it is somewhat economically depressed. So they are doing their share to help out, Americans that is. :wink: