Sportsnet 360 to televise 13 CIS games

This is a Premium channel(Rogers sucks)

[url=] ... is-season/[/url]

Ex-Ticat Mike Morreale is the analyst,

First game is Western at McMaster, Sat. Sept. 7

I cancelled by sports package and have no plans on renewing it but unfortunate I won't be able to see these games on this channel. It'll be interesting what numbers they get for these games.

I'm just going to shamelessly plug an article by a writer of mine about the new deal :smiley: ...

[url=] ... is-sports/[/url]

It really is a great deal for the CIS as a whole, and I am VERY excited about it.

I am not with Rogers so maybe this is different, but Sportsnet 360 has replaced the Score (Rogers bought them) so now the channel that used to be the Score (which is ch 46 locally) is Sportsnet 360. I did not have to renew or subscribe to a new package, it simply just replaced the Score. I hope this helps, it'd suck if you had to pay extra to get the channel :thdn:

Hey 2ez…just wondering how did York make out this weekend???

lol not good, I am glad I decided to not cover the game today :lol: 52-1 whooping at the hands of Queen