Sportsnet 360 drops OUA football

Talk about driving football fans to watch American football (NCAA) on Saturday aternoons. Ever since I was a kid every Saturday afternoon there would be an OUA football game on every Saturday through the fall. It used to be on CHCH-TV and then on The Score. The last couple of years Sportsnet 360.

But in another example of how Rogers blew the wad on the NHL - they claim because all their staff and equipment will be tied up in their multiple NHL games on Saturdays, they no longer ‘have the resources’ to show an OUA game of the week. Shame on Rogers.

Shame on TSN too - because even with 5 channels as of the end of this month they won’t do it because Rogers still as the national rights to the CIS and they don’t want to do something that in a sense builds an audience for Rogers. (Funny they are willing to do that with all their regional NHL broadcasts, and even the ESPN covered baseball games they show - even though Rogers has the play-offs and World Series. So TSN on their five channels will have a ton of time for British darts and American poker shows, but no room for Canadian University football.

Hey CBC - your French division - SRC does Saturday afternoon games from the Quebec University league. Where are you in Ontario?

What a disgrace.

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i'll be writing e mails to the various partys involved. sending out tweets as well. not happy with this

But not really surprising.

Just brutal.

When does Rogers contract with the CIS expire? Not soon enough IMO.

It was signed this spring IIRC so not anytime soon. Maybe TSN could buy the rights? Not likely, but possible?

I am a pretty long-time fan of CIS ball, and I have seen the quality of play and player rise dramatically over the past 20 years or so. It really is a shame that we cant get a national contract to have the games on TV here. THere is a history of good fan support at U's like Western, Queens, Mac, Saskatchewan and of course Laval, and it seems like there are more and more people showing up for the traditionally less-supported teams. I have seen the attendence numbers for the Dinos and UBC and a few out east, who used to get 800-1000 per game, are starting to get 4500-5500 now. I hope that this interest moves one network to carry some games.

Chicken or the egg thing though, a network isnt going to devote air-time until they see a big enough market, and people wont start to realize that its a good league with a good game-day experience until the TV reach increases......

On another note.....I saw this posted on the NFL website the other day! This is the kind of thing that the CFL should have been doing years ago! Its a real missed opportunity and I hope that the CFL can find a way to get on board with some campus outreach, in thses situations you can really sell your game, especially to people who are already out there enjoying it - even if they are just there for the beer and fresh air!


I agree.

Horrible decision another wannabe US sports move.
Oh yes bring on the non watchable NCAA football again forced fed and still no one watches.
Reminds me of TFC.

I caught the Mac - Laurier game here in Hamilton today on Cable 14. Fairly easy win for Mac. Would have loved to have had somebody like Spotsnet or TSN or CBC doing the Western at Guelph game today. It was a barn burner by the sounds of it with Guelph winning the game on a 41 yard field goal with a couple of seconds left after having tied the game on a touchdown with just over a minute to go. A final score of 49-46! Wild! But instead on Sportsnet they were replaying a Premier League soccer game and TSN2 was showing an NCAA game.

Just not right!

Super university athletes in all sports in the CIS, unfortunate they don't get the Canadian television exposure they deserve.

Its Canada.. What else is new.

Caught a couple of CW games on Shaw this fall, and one or two Quebec games on SRC. I'm disgusted with Rogers for not expanding their coverage of CIS, never mind cancelling it.

Rogers are the masters for playing people and other Canadian companies. What, didn't Ted Rogers phone Sokolowski or Cynamon and tell them he wanted them to continue to play at his stadium? What, so Ted didn't have to spend the money to put in grass for the primary tenant the Jays? Ted was no dumb bunny when it came to money for his company, that's for sure. :wink:

CIS signed a deal with Sportnet for Vanier Cup and other championships of sports is turning to be a terrible decision. Schools get local coverage through the their local RogersTV in the OUA but gone are anything regional or National.
TSN with their 3 new Networks to go along with their webcasts of TSNGo. The networks have not been specified to their use just yet. TSN has better coverage of Canadian Teams and Leagues. Looks like TSN would be a better option going forward.

I hope the same thing happens to the NHL ratings... ... -cent.html

With the OUA left with just its local RogersTV broadcast within their city (Cable 14 Hamilton) The OUA itself could do its own broadcasts of one or two games a week and put it into sydication for a regional or National Network agreements.
The Panda Game, big rivalry games MAC vs Western, etc. would allow it easier access to having a TSN/RDS Network to show the simulcast.
Same with the Q in showcasing a Laval vs Montreal game Nationally in english and/or french. As well as regionally on TVA in Quebec.
Right now really only the CanWest and Shaw being available to the average western city gets any kind of at least a huge west coverage. With very much improving broadcast of the games. Not just the one camera guy and a couple of students calling the game. Its also tied into the U Countdown with half time show as well as U countdown on Utube network as well

Sad for the CIS, very sad. :thdn:

I am not sure how big CIS football could become, but with adding more networks. Programming will be needed and these networks can test and see if a sport and league like CIS football can catch on a bit bigger. Not sure what the future of the NASL in Canada is as well but it may be the main pro Canadian soccer division in the country with possible expansion into more cities. What exactly is taking the place of this this programming. The cost to broadcast a few of these games a week could not come close to much more than a mere pittance of the cost of the NHL. Even if so these leagues already have a local broadcaster within the Rogers Family of RogersTV and CityTV2 in which the games could be simulcast on the national or Regional SN's at no cost at all.
TSN could hop on one or two games a week in any of the 3 big conferences or even the AUS at some of the better venues. Easily have it spread across any TSN network they have room for it. Even more it can be shown on both the top webcasts sports networks in TSNGO or even ESPN3