Sportsmen to eat Crow!

Back in the old huddle, I made a comment in a posting that I thought Winnipegs receivers were getting on in age and thought that they may need to improve there. I'm not sure if It was Papazoola or Pigseye that corrected me on Stegalls age.

Anyways after seeing Stegall last week and this week, I have to admit, Milt still has the wheels. Some very impressive catch & runs. I guess my pre season post was a bit premature and now definately out of line. I also like the way Jamie Stoddard makes clutch catches for you guys.

Anyways the plate of crow is ready to eat...Someone please pass the salt & Pepper.

Good on you sporty, Milt can still produce, could of had 4 TDs in the game tonight. I just hope he dosnt retire after this season as the guy can still play.

I'd actually like to see him hang around for a few years and break George Read's TD record.

Tough loss for you guys tonight your defense needs to tighten it up a bit.

Im sorry but the proper way to eat crow is cold and un-seasoned(no salt and pepper :lol: )

Milt is like Damon. He keeps on going and going. They show that you can be ANY age and still produce. Milt will get what he year. Jamie made a nice catch at the end of the game I believe. Now our receivers are playing very well and I'm happy. It's just the damn DEFENCE!! >:(

Are you really gonna eat crow for saying that Stegall can't produce anymore? :slight_smile:

Milt should be around for a few more years yet....he's gotta show Brazzell and McDonald some of his big-time moves....last nights game was pretty well the icing on the cake for this year....we have to start making changes...the defense ...especially the not getting it done...maybe I'll have to get some salt and pepper ready myself...after predicting we would make the play-offs this year....choke choke choke.... :evil:

thank-god I haven't made any predictions....I just hoped my team would win games really.
no crow for me :slight_smile:

Well, if at least they can go unbeaten at home for the rest of the year would be nice...

yes milt is still the man, but sportsmen your other comment is what i really noticed. someone other than me stating that stoddard can catch. he single handedly beat the roughriders in the past but now he is lucky to be on the field. stoddard is not only a special teamer daley. he has the second best hands on your team. sure he is not very fast but he consistently pulls them in. i truly think that coaching is the problem in wpg these days. daley seems to like making himself look like an idiot. i say let milt and roberts fight it out over play selction on offense. actually for the most part i think sundays offensive woes were due to brutal play by glenn., he looked like a back up. he passing was anything but precise even when he wasn't pressured most of his passes and decisions looked poor at best. thankfully stegal can pull in almost anything.
yes the defense played brutal, don't need to say much on that. we obviously miss brown and rust. special teams poor with the exception of ryan. i will be sad to see him go and hope we can pull off a miracle and hold onto him.
overall feelings
next year wynn better be our starter.
daley better smarten up or pack his bags,
rust and brown better be back and healthy.
we need a st coach.

we have potential but we are still not there and this year is slipping away quickly. the banjo bowl is an absolute must win.

What I noticed about Stoddard, is no flash, just quietly and consistantly goes out, makes the catch when you need it. Then you don’t hear from him for a few dozen plays or so. I’m not sure if they keep such a stat (I doubt it) But I bet his % of catches to drops is quite high. He doesn’t drop many.

very true. daley spends too much time focusing on what he thinks certain players abilities are and neglecting the evidence. we all realized tee martin wasn't ready but daley continued to play him. we all realized peterson couldn't catch but daley played him. we all new mcgarity was a huge disappointment but daley continued to play him. all the while we have stoddard who consistently makes big plays. not flashy 40 yd receptions out running the defense but the ones that win you games. you know the kind when the ball is actually caught and not fumbled on the same play. some of us loyal fans appreciate those plays. or how about continuously playing martin when and injured wynn, glenn, or healthy michna all would perform better? daley needs to come into the realm of reality one of these days.

Daley spends to much time focuesed on player abilities???? Please, by all means pass the crack pipe this way. Having Regenbold sitting while the hand off is going to miller....I don't think Daley has the ability to focus on the end of his nose never mind if he knows what his players can do.......

i said he focusses on what he thinks their abilities are. i also don't think he has any sense of reality nor can he see what their true abilities are. i think daley is a serious problem.

On this we agree, blackdale. :!: