Sports Without Fans

Has anybody been following any of the major sports leagues since their return to play? How have you been finding the game experience without fans?

I've caught a little NHL, have caught the tail end of some Raptors games (tonight was the first full game I've watched in awhile) and some MLB.

I dont notice much of a difference without fans in MLB but the NBA and NHL have definitely been different. The tempo seems to be a bit slower.

I'm sure there'll be some studies on the psychology of fans in sport coming out of this crazy time in history

I have totally enjoyed NHL games and find no difference without fans


I tried watching some of the games.

Not the same without the fans.


NFL fires up this week. Some stadiums will have fans, others won't.

Football would seem like the sport where fans definitely make a difference. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out

I think the NHL has the right format also. 12 teams from each conference; have everyone playing in just 2 sites to reduce chance of infection. Not to mention that the Blackhawks played well despite losing in rhe 2nd round to LV. Sorry Edmonton fans but it was great watching the Blackhawks come back from a poor regular season to at least advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs! :sunglasses::star_struck::+1::clap:

I've watched some tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer and golf - add to that the Kentucky Derby without fans.

Definitely missing the energy a crowd adds to sport particularly for hockey, basketball and soccer and to a slightly lesser degree baseball and tennis. In fact I've rarely watched entire games because I find for me the missing energy created by the crowd lessens my enjoyment of the viewing experience.

Did not miss the fans that much at all for golf and the Derby.

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I can't believe anyone is watching sports in this environment. They kneel and support a Marxist movement?? They disrespect my flag and a country that has paid them millions upon millions for playing a game?? They try to push a narrative that is blatantly false?? And after all that people are still watching?? Absolutely shameful!!!


Very nice to see the NFL not wuss out and allow some fans in their stadiums. Hopefully MLB follows suite sooner rather than later

Isn't it varying by local/state rules?

also by owner choice

Nice to see the NFL has given teams discretion

KC allowed 17,000 fans in. I wonder how they determined who got in given they have about 50,000 STH.

One of those fans have tested positive for Covid 19 with another 10 that person was with being quarantined.

We'll see how many of the other 17K or so will have it or pass it on to others.

It was nice to see fans in the stands in Cleveland last night