Sports shows

Outside of the football game itself, I think the best sports show is 'NFL Films' Produced by Steve Sabol.

I grew up watching those films and I think that show is what made me more of a football fan than a hockey fan. They would pick one game every week and give insights that you wouldn't get in a normal broadcast. The camera angles, music, and overly melo-dramatic narration all helped to give football an aura of being something bigger than it actually is.

I'd like to see the CFL and one of the home grown networks produce something similar. I think it would help to create more interest amongst those who haven't yet discovered how exciting the CFL can be.

I can see it now ‘CFL Films’ with Chris Walby… :?

NFL Films is the greatest. The best part is the narrator with that deep voice.
" The frozen tundra of Lambeau field"
Man that's classic. I like their search for the greatest SB team now on NFL network


I would rather fall off a cliff than watch that!

NFL Films did a great job covering the Grey Cup a couple of times in the 90’s, but haven’t heard anything more about it in years.

Sambo, How could you!! Go wash your mouth out with soap! :wink: :wink:

Sporty, if they billed it as a comedy, it would be a #1 rated show in this country.... :lol: