Sports scene in Wpg: Would a Jets return hurt Bombers?

If you take a look at the most popular sports teams in Winnipeg, you'd come up with the following:

  1. Winnipeg Jets
  2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  3. Winnipeg Goldeyes
  4. Manitoba Moose

Now then, with Winnipeg potentially having the opportunity to re-acquire an NHL team in the next year or so (It's heavily rumoured Florida, Nashville, or Atlanta could go up for sale any day now), the Bombers would no longer be "#1" in Winnipeg.

Our new NHL team would have approx. 13,500 season ticket holders, many of them current Bomber fans. And although the current Bomber die-hards will go to games no matter what, the issue of Bomber support if an NHL team returned to Winnipeg is an issue worth discussing.

Personally, I only think there'd be a minor drop in attendance at Bomber games in Oct. and Nov., when the Blue & Gold are playing the same evening as our Jets are in the MTS Centre.

I don't think it will hurt the Bombers a bit, they stayed alive when the Jets were in the Peg for 24 years, why should it change now?

I hope the Jets come back, but if any team should move to the Peg, it should be the one we lost ten years ago, the now Coyotes, there is no other alternative.

id have to say that the moose are more popular than the goldeyes


I know tons of hockey fans in Wpg, but none of them care at all about the Canucks farm team, and never will.

But I've met tons of Goldeye fans... and the Goldeyes have 30 games this year broadcast on SHAW... the Moose? ZERO.

There's more demand to see the 'Eyes. Much more.

well if the moose arent ahead of the goldeyes..then they should be considered even,,both teams average close to the same in attendace, with the moose edging out the goldeyes, and both teams basically lead their leagues in average attendance per game

so its safe to say that there is equalsupport for both of those teams..i like the moose better thena the goldeyes cuz baseball is soo boring...goldie is the best part at being at baseball games

I'd like to see the Jets return to Winnipeg. I think if that happened it would effect the Bombers marginally.

No one cares about the Moose.

But I agree that a Jets return would affect the Bombers marginally. At worst, a few hundred Bomber season ticket holders won’t renew due to the fact they’ll be purchasing Jets season tickets.

Let's get real. For most Winnipegers buying season tickets for a return of the Jets would mean a second mortgage. If you think the price of a Bombers game is high then take a peek at any of the other existing NHL teams. The Jet's can't and will never return to Winnipeg in the existing NHL. How many friends and neighbours do you know who can cough up $200.00 per game. That kind of support in a small 15,000 seat arena would also make them uncompetetive from the get go. Better to support a succesful franchise like the Bombers and forget about Bobby Hull.

The Moose, even though the shine has already fallen off and have to paper the gate with ticket giveaways, are far more exciting and talented than the Goldeyes. But at the same time the Goldeyes can no longer sell out a stadium of less than 8000 for a -A independant ball team.

The Goldeyes only exist as a business that is creating massive wealth for the owner(Sam Katz) and his partners. Hey, give me a ballpark that was built with taxpayers money (OK Sam gets charged $1.00 rent per year), join a league that caps TEAM salaries at $83,000, put on a few stunts during the game to keep the kids happy but meanwhile hit you up for $10-$20 bucks for a ticket. Anybody who buys a Goldeye ticket is a buffoon in my opinion!


Goldeyes are the best-run sports team in Winnipeg's history.

The most successful too.

It's the best ballpark in Canada.
It's the best-quality baseball in Canada outside of Toronto.
It's the most popular Canadian baseball team outside Toronto.

And hey, unlike the Moose (who's players belong to Vancouver), the team can actually be called "Winnipeg's own".

I love the Goldeyes and will always support them. Canwest Global Park is the "place to be" in Winnipeg during the summer.

Well, since I;ve gone to everything here’s my two bits.

1 - The Jets… would LOVE to have em, probably could afford to go to one or two games a year if that, I can’t justify going to two or more games for the same price as a Blue Bombers season ticket.

2 - The Moose are pretty popular, especially when up an comers are playing… I know alot of people that went to the Phantoms/Moose game just to see the Flyers farm team in action. It’s a much ‘hipper’, young teen to 20-ish crowd that goes there. Probably not too hardcore most of the time fan-wise, but they go to have a good time and party.

3 - The Goldeyes, probably the most successful team in Winnipeg, it’s the star team of the Northern League, and Sammy is a good businessman. The crowd there are little kids and seniors probably because it’s dirt cheap to go. However, the seniors and the rest of the adults that do go, seem to know baseball… at least it seems more hard core of a fan base than the Moose.

I really think the Bombers wouldn’t be affected in their fan base, it would most likely take away some nice corporate sponsorship though. Not too many execs from all these American companies here in Winnipeg would choose taking a client to CFL games on a regular basis over an NHL game.

What I would like to see fill up the area would be a NLL (National Lacrosse League) team, what the hell? They’ve tried out basketball a bunch of times with huge failure, Lacrosse I think would do descent.

Yeah, give the NLL a go, and reborn one of the "inactive" teams.

I know that Baseball is popular in Winnipeg, it's mutant Cricket to me, but a good game, however, to say that the GE are a better organization that the BB is just crap, why? 76 years vs. 10 years, that's why.

and if the NHL comes back, the Moose are history, nuff said.

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Winnipeg GE
Manitoba NLL (Moose?)

The Jets return would not hurt the Bombers at all. Nice to see you on these forums, Jason! :wink:

so are the Blue Bombers, who unlike the GE, are actually PROFESSIONAL!!! (but then again, what baseball team is pro?) and Football, especaily CANADIAN style, is always better than baseball.

I'm on board with that... Lacrosse would be a great option in Winnipeg.
The NHL for me would be just too darned expensive, as much as I love hockey.

The question is a moot one as the jets will never return to Winnipeg with the current NHL salary structure. But just to indulge the question at, the Bombers would be largely unaffected by the return of the jets.

"The question is a moot one as the jets will never return to Winnipeg with the current NHL salary structure."

Um... WRONG.

Edmonton's been a smashing success in the "new" NHL, and made upwards of $15 million this past year. Winnipeg has an NHL-calibre facility 30 years newer than Edmonton's.

And the main reason the Jets LEFT is because we needed a new arena.

You're wrong. We'll be just fine.

The Jets and the NHL will never return to Winnipeg, as the Peg cannot support them.


Uh huh. Thanks for posting.

You're vey welcome!

Manitoba Moose-10 years in Winnipeg!

Get the hot-dog cannon ready to roll, because Moose season is just around the corner!