Sports Re-opening Already Not Working?

Well this is awful news, but I am finding it difficult to get the real story not only because the story this last week was protests worldwide and riots in the US.

So far I heard of a soccer team, not sure if it was in Spain or in Germany, that had a few cases show up asymptomatic after a match or training.

And then this morning it comes out that two players at Alabama already got the symptoms after some practices.

If anybody has specifics or other examples please advise.

There is more to it such that the present plans and measures to re-open won't work.

You cannot have a season of play when there are some random rotation byes for teams in quarantine and so forth.


The experiment is afoot in Europe principally in Spain, Germany, and Italy this weekend or week.

In Australia National Rugby League, an awful version of the original game in my opinion and deathly boring, is at hand.

The unspoken truth given the numbers is that after this restart, the chance remains at hand for more cases to break out and then what? :hushed:

For all the scrutiny of France not re-opening for sports is this awful stat and the worst in the world of the nations hit with 100K cases or more - 1 in 5 are dying in France and even of those who recover, there is some permanent damage unlike after the regular old flu.

And in the US it is not working merely in training and practice, but we shall see what comes out of recent soccer restarts in Europe and in England.