Sports Poem - CFL, circa 1990s

I certainly hope I don’t turn off the majority of posters/readers with this ditty I found in an old storage unit. The player is identified within the context of the poem; the coach is not - but I suspect those blessed with incredibly acute powers of deduction will ferret it out. Here goes:


There goes a man,
A hard-running, fast-catching kind of man.

Leaving this City of Blue
Leaving in the Darkness of the Night.

His final encore spoiled by a new ruler.
With an earring, a smart mouth and
A Simon Legree Mentality.

This artist’s number was 87
His proofs were left on the battle-field
Astonishing actions that spoke louder than simplified words.

Why is a man recognized as an honorable man?
Is it because he is an elite athlete?
Is it because of record setting performance?
Is it because he fills stadiums?

It is sometimes all of this - it is more often none of this.
The true measure of a man is the enduring spirit
he passes on;

To those that have played with him,
To those that have known him,
To those that cheer him from afar.

The indomitable spirit of a man
Lives longer than a hero’s ending.

Gerald Wilcox has left our artificial field of dreams.
Despite efforts to the contrary,
He has left with his dignity.

We are left with our memories.

  • L.B.S. 1997

Nice poem!

Sounds like Reinebold is the one who made him leave before the 1997 season?

%?%?&(&!$% Reinebold again! ::slight_smile:

Yep, none other than that talent mis-judgin', limousine chasin', no rent payin', $450 Harley ridin' mope in a leather he stole from Danier - may I present Jeff Reinbold.
Reinbold is probably out of the league for good now . . . . sentenced to life-time reservations at the Joe Mack table at the Charlotte, NC Tim Hortons - joined by other fellow bindle stiffs like Lord Lyle Bauer, Mike "Maggot" Kelly, Rainman John Huard, Garth "The Gate Butcher" Butchko.

Just a post-script on Gerald Wilcox. He married a Winnipeg girl and now resides in Winnipeg. Last time I checked he was hawking cars at a local dealership! Well into his 50s now!

You guys have Reinbold all wrong.
For twenty years, surrounded by dinks and posers he's been a good one.
This week, driving Chick's family stuff to Edmo, ......c'mon.
His special teams work was AOK, defence, OK, maybe not.
I respect the guy, he's a cockroach, you can't kill him.

Well, that's the thing about Reinebold. Another person would have done the same thing (drove Chick's furniture and stuff from Hamilton to Edmonton), you would never hear about it.

Reinebold documents and photographs the whole trip, then posts it on the internet. He WANTS EVERYONE to know he's a nice guy. He goes out of his way to appear nice. He tries a little too hard...

J Reinbold may as well get a book on the market, finding a ghost-writer might be difficult though.

He can't play - remember him losing that mid-field match to Adam Rita's finger???
He can't coach - doesn't realize most players with IQs of 45 to 75 don't understand a word from a coaching colossus with an IQ well into the low 90s.

He can drive - and obviously snap-face all the travel of driving the Chick-wagon from Hammy to Edmonchuck. Good stuff Jeff!!!

As for finding him a ghost-writer - wonder if Clifford Olson or Karla Homolka are available.

Best one might be Anthony Scaramucci - who did for American politics what Reinbold has done for Canadian pro football. . . . .

It’s remarkable just how many former Bomber players (Imports especially) now reside in the city.

Thats so true. Speaks well of Winnipeg...very livable, affordable and friendly as are most Prairie cities I've found, Edmonton has a ton of ex players living in E as well. Maybe every CFL city has this? I'm not sure.

Johnny cannot give a comprehensive list, but the great Alouettes QB Sam Etcheverry, lived on the south shore of Montreal, right up until his death in 2009.

His name and number was even listed in!

For those who haven't seen Reinebold's documented journey as Chick's moving man, check out the link at the end of this post.

Of course, there is the obligatory picture of Reinebold wearing a tank top. We get it Reinebold, you work out and have tattoos. There is also the obligatory picture of Reinebold flashing the shaka sign.

Thanks for posting the link Johnny.

Thought I would have some fun and troll onto it.

Just to piss some people off at 3DN.

That is incredible! Never knew the rifle lived in Montreal post career

A few bombers who lived in Winnipeg after their playing careers ended -

Kenny Ploen, Dr. Ken Nielsen, Joe Poplawski, Chris Walby, Doug Brown, Frank Rigney, Rod Hill, Ed Ulmer, Dr. Norm Hill, Trevor Kennard, Troy Westwood, Ed Kotowich, George Druxerman, Paul Bennett, Lord Lyle Bauer (a blight), Charles Roberts (for a short time), Gord Rowland, Pepe Latourelle, Paul "Dog" Robson, Cec Luining, Henry Janzen, Nick Miller, Wad Miller, Obby Khan,Doug McIver, David Black, Bobo McNeil, . . . .

Chris Hoth might provide a few others, hey Chris?

PS. Unless he's traded Goose Goosen (Mattias) will live the rest of his life in Winnipeg.

60 yr old Reinbold doing his tank-top flex kinda repulsive but expected.

The pos is barely 5'7" and trims the scales at no more than 145 lbs.

Always will be remembered for his body succumbing to Adam Rita's pinky finger in their infamous post-game skirmish!

Surprised to see Rod Hill in that list. I believe Tim Jessie and Willard Reeves also lived in the Peg

Yes, Jessie worked ata dude ranch outside Winnipeg. Will Reaves became a sherrif's deputy after his career ended (brier NFL interlude) and spawned NHL enforcer Ryan Reaves plus another son who had cups of coffee with bombers and riders.

You're welcome Brian. Great comment on 3downnation by the way. It sums up nicely what Johnny thinks of Reinebold.

Lyle, you don't know how happy it makes Johnny, to see that someone else sees Reinebold for what he is!

Johnny sized him up right away when he first saw and heard him. He's not the first smiling from ear to ear, used car salesman Johnny has seen... It's shocking so many people don't see through his BS.

About that Reinebold - Rita incident, this is a pretty good video about it. What an ugly game!

You can see Rita push Reinebold like he was a smurf at about the 50 second mark.

Also check out the late hit cheap shot at 27 seconds. Yikes!

And a trip down memory lane for Bomber fans who might miss his tenure as HC in 1997-1998. :slight_smile: