sports net comments- Ticats will lose a dozen in 09

Mark Spector is the lead columnist for and this is what he wrote on Monday:

But in returning to Edmonton, where wildly successful Cups were held in 2002 and '97, the league is secure in knowing that its championship game, at least, will be in good hands for two consecutive years. The Stampeders have the game next November.

It is on the rarest of occasions that the CFL has been accused of showing foresight, but having back-to-back championships in Canada's most economically sound province might give one the impression the league actually knew what it was doing. Don't worry folks, they'll disprove that by putting another team in Ottawa before long, we promise.

In the meantime though, the CFL can whistle past the graveyard that has claimed the Arena Football League and threatens so many other sports circuits. The league governors have held the line on their salary cap at $4.2 million, and of all the professional sports on the Canadian landscape, there isn't one that can mix the level of exposure with the price threshold the CFL offers both fans and advertisers.

It is perhaps why the old girl catches a cold once in a while, but she never dies.

It's a fallback position for Canadians, the CFL. Even in Hamilton, where the franchise has been troubled for so long that it seems like the norm, she has made it through another winter. They'll throw another coat of paint on old Ivor Wynne this spring, and the Ticats will lose another dozen games in '09, a sad rite of passage in the CFL.

In Edmonton though, it's different...

"and the Ticats will lose another dozen games in '09 ????? :twisted: , "

Am I the only one who finds that beyond condescending...? I hope Marcel will post that quote on the locker room wall and that the team both successful and audacious enough to make Spector eat his words. :x

I don't know. He's predicting well suggesting.a two fold improvement by the Ticats... Hell it might be enough to lock up second place in the division. But seriously you can't take it seriously. Look at those guys predictions for last season. Cirque du Soleil Clown Acts. Just laugh :slight_smile:

Only a dozen? That means we’ll win twice as many games as last year! Woo-Hoo!

Did you really expect a better prediction? Our only off-season addition is a past-his-prime player. Really… lets be realistic.

So I don't a lot of improvement in roster but it's early ..
If we went to camp now I say we get 4 to 6 wins
so let hope we have a good off-season

Shows how bright the columnist is predicting wins before rosters are set?

Does he know who the Cats starting QB will be....nice crystal ball this joker must have!

Not sure what he is baseing all his optimism on. It would be a step in the right direction but so far i am not sure if this team is capable of doubling the wins in just one season. Its probably just a ploy to help sell tickets somehow but if the cats can make that kinda turn around in just one season we should be happy about it, it might mean playoffs. i would take it with a grain of salt and not get too excited over it until it happens. Many others have predicted great things for the cats and been wrong. Imagine winning six games? and probably ' being within a few points' in six or so others? that would be sweeeeeeet!

Lose a dozen games?
Sounds like a realistic prediction right now. Then in 2010 we lose half a dozen. Now that would be steady progress over two years.
Calgary and Montreal will be strong again next year....BC will be re-building with younger players. New HC's in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto. We could do OK.
But pleeeeze guys.....lets not get too carried away here. I don't think we will be an overnight success in 2009. But I hope I am wrong.

Hamilton Tiger Cats 2003 1-17
Hamilton Tiger Cats 2004 9-8-1
8 1/2 game improvement in one season.

Why set your sights on anything less?

Well we should be able to count on 3 or 4 wins againt the Blue Team right?


I have said that we will win between 8-10 games if we make improvements to our oline and dline. Please people, don't forget how many games we were in this year.

Last year with a defensive stop on 2nd and short or a first down on 2nd and 5, we could have won 6 or 7 games easily.

We are not far off. We just have to tinker with a few positions and then we will be set for years to come.

As for the Argos, they will lose more than 12 games!

1997 we were 2-16
1998 we went to the cup and lost at the very end
1999 we win it all…

Anything can happen over the course of one season. Just look at the Cardinals for further proof.

New coaches, new philosophy and hopefully different results.

Getting cabin fever… :wink:

Did Mark Spector make any predictions for Toronto? Usually the TO sportswriters want to give them the championship about this time of year. Actually there should be 2 Grey Cups, the real one that the top 2 teams in the CFL play for every fall and a second one that the TO sportscasters and sportswriters could present to the Argos every year before the season starts. I bet they would line up behind Marty for the honours, hey I bet they would want to do the same thing with the Stanley Cup for the Leafs too.

I haven't heard a sports writer in Toronto or anywhere else predict the Leafs would win the Stanley Cup for over 30 years.