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I've recently moved here from Pittsburgh and as you can imagine, I feel quite comfortable here - The similarities between Hamilton and my hometown are everywhere -- Right down to the football team's colours. I'm also impressed by the passion of the city's football fans. They will support/defend their Tiger Cats to the death and that's not easier considering the dismal season so far. I'm also impressed by the local sports coverage on CHCH 11. I have been watching a show called, Sportscope on Sunday nights and they really run the gamut on what they cover. Anyhow, just wanted to post this "greeting".
P.S. Anybody know that "Wendy" girl from that sports show? - LOL

Welcome to the city and the site!! Great to have you here. I love the Steelers :smiley:

As for Wendy Wolfe, she used to post on the old site I don't know if she still posts here. From what I hear lots of people know her :wink: I'm not one of them though :stuck_out_tongue:

I've recently moved here from Pittsburgh
Why? I'm sure it wasn't for the sports teams in this town. :roll:

Welcome to the Hammer.
Enjoy your stay.
I've been to Pittsburg and thought the same thing....but at least your have a "real" football team.

LOL. Thanks for the welcome. Man, Canadians are friendly. I'd never get this kind/quick response back home. Kelly54, I am proud of my Steelers but Hamilton has the makings of a great team. They just need to play as a TEAM. The seem so out of sync. And as far as Wendy goes, I just like her style and attitude -she's one of the few people on TV who actually say what's on her mind.

I can think of one striking difference between the cities. We didn't bribe the refs so we could WIN THE BLOODY SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!


A Seahawks fan.

PS. I'm just kidding.....or am I?

They didn't bribe the ref's, they spiked their gatorade bottles. :wink:

I thought it was the oysters?

hey welcome to the canadian steel city!!

You're all just bitter cuz I was right and picked the Steelers at the beginning of the season :stuck_out_tongue:

Steelburgh if you're heading down to a home game, you should stop by the tailgate and say hi

Odd spelling of coloursfor an American?

CHCH 11?? It hasn't been called that for years?
How strange that an apparent first time visitor here would use the Canadian spelling of colours and refer to a local broadcaster by a name that hasn't been used many years?

That Wendy she the one that backs up the back up sportcaster Ruddick?
I may have seen her once but have heard about her from most first year rooks on the Ticats.
I believe her nickname to the members of the team is First Date Wendy. :wink:

Seriously, I wouldn't watch her shower since the day she made a crack about Dave Hacks release on the old ticats site.

Nothing gets by good old Columbo here. :lol:

Good eye!

Yeah, CHCH TV 11 was bought by WIC in the early nineties and changed to ONtv and then in the late nineties, Canwest Global bought it and changed the brand to simply CH. The reference to Channel 11 disappeared a long time ago, before the change to CH, off their logo as it was moot due to cable broadcasting on different channels.

And now that you mention it, Americans always spell it "colors"

Gotta love the internet!......thanks Mr. Gore! :thup:

Welcome to the Hammer Steelburgh! The Steelers are my third favourite team (behind the Rams and Bills). Hopefully you'll enjoy Hamilton as much as you did Pittsburgh. Glad to see you didn't think we lived in Igloo's :lol:

Canucklehead wrote: "I believe her nickname to the members of the team is First Date Wendy."

I don't think her husband would be too happy to hear this! OOOOOps, another thread deleted.


Wendy also works at a bar downtown called Dirty Dogs. Apparently the bouncers there also "knows her." Some of them being 10 years younger. :wink: She's not married.

I would!

I would!