Sports cliches' we love to hate.....

I have a million of them that make my skin crawl.... :?

Which ones bug you (any sport)

here's two that dig at me:

  1. "he's a "class act"

  2. "launching the leather".....(sorry ken) :wink:

...your turn

The team gave a 110 %

One game at a time

Ooooooooh, right in the jewels. :oops:

it not if you win or lose but how you play the game


"we faced adversity"
"bring the mail"

there isnt really that much that bugs me, but that one really bugs me the most. Specially when they take to 150%, 200%, etc. :roll:

"You just know he'd love to have that one back."

This isnt just used in sports but what the heck does " It is what it is " mean ????????

win for one for Gipper..

it means "everybody in the world saw me disgrace myself by cheapshotting Moore and nothing I can say will change that"

"up the gut".........once a game might be acceptable, but Mark Lee on CBC uses it so often it makes me want to heave....someone buy him a thesauraus.

actually, I hate when they try to use as many different words and phrases as they can to say the same thing

a beat b
c demolished d
e pulverized f
g spanked H
etc :roll:

Sorry.....I was going to leave all the rest to you guys but I had to get these two in the list....

"He's bringin'the wood"

"He took it to the house"

scrreeeeccchhhhhh !! <---fingernails down chalkboard


How about Pounded the Rock..

hey man, nobody pounds the Rock :cowboy:

How about "One last kick at the can"

LOL :rockin: :cowboy:


Personally, I CAN'T STAND the reference to "taking it to ANOTHER LEVEL" ...

In ANSWER to your question habman ... "it is what it is" is a rather simplistic SUMMARY of a rather PROFOUND insight made by Ayn Rand in her attempt to establish her PERSONAL philosophy known as RATIONAL OBJECTIVISIM.

I'll leave it to you to do the research.


"wait 'til next year"