Sports Centre Top 10 Ivor Wynne Stadium Moments ! :thup:

Good video, agree with most, but cmon TSN, Ozzies game winning
FG against Montreal was in 98 not 88 as the screen showed.

It was just a typo, the onscreen announcer said '98.

Some good choices. Though I'm not so sure that two of the top 10 IWS moments were hockey games.

I'll have to watch this tonight. Agree though, hockey games? I guess that's just in keeping with being Canadian I suppose. :?

I'd missed seeing this, so thanks for posting it tc23. In the years the stadium has been Ivor Wynne, those two Grey Cups were very memorable days. '72 -- the beautiful sunshine and the victory. But that '96 game in the wet snow, without the Tiger-Cats, is pretty tough to top for exciting plays. Grey Cup day this year will be the 50th anniversary of what I believe was the most memorable Ti-Cat home game certainly of the Civic Stadium years and maybe even of all 63 Tiger-Cat seasons -- the second game of the 1961 Eastern 2-game-total-point Final.

That should have been ranked higher too, imo.

are we really to beleive that as long as Ivor Wynne has existed, most of the top 10 moments came from this century?

I dont think so.

Apart from that charity hockey game that I didn't know existed, its a pretty good list. The 2004 fight was a little odd, I remember it and it fired everyone up on labour day, but hardly one of the great moments in the history of Ivor Wynne. However, that game I believe was the famous Labour Day 30 all tie, which I do feel belongs on the list, so I'll accept it. :smiley:

I think the goal post guy should have been in there lol.

I do remember that meaker! :thup:

Correct...AND the '92 Eastern Semi against Ottawa that Ozzie won in the snow...Where was that?

And the aforementioned 2nd game of '61 Eastern Final...

Stupid hockey games ???...Seriously??

Typical TSN "All Time Top 10's"...Throw in a few seemingly historic things and then show a bunch of stuff that's no older than 10 years...

Yes, that 2004 Labour Day game was the one that ended in a 30-30 tie. There were quite a few penalties that game, even more than usual on Labour Day games. And I find it interesting that nothing was said about the great performance that Troy Davis had that game. How many rushing yards did he get?

And I enjoyed seeing clips of the 1988 and 1991 Labour Day games. It was good to see clips from the 1991 Labour Day game, the one when a then-winless Ticat team was supposed to be easily handled by the team that would go on to win the Grey Cup that year. I didn’t think I’d get to see a clip of John Gregory getting a Gatorade shower again.

And I think we all knew that the 1972 Grey Cup was going to be #1 on that list.

Perhaps we’ll also consider more recent games, such as Chris Williams getting three TDs in a game earlier this year, among the great moments at that stadium. And maybe the 2005 Labour Day game could have been mentioned as well. And that one game this Ticat team took on the other Ontario team at IWS in 2011 too.