Sports Betting

Does anyone on this site do any sports betting; I'm not talking about Pro Line but on sports betting web sites?

I'm not sure if the Moderators will allow this topic but in the Forum Guidelines they don't say you can't talk about it.

Pro Line is tough because you have to pick a minimum of 3 games, where as these web sites will allow you to bet on single games as well as a bunch of other things.

I'm thinking if we start a thread we can discuss things like injuries, weather, history or whatever else may affect the outcome of a game. This would benefit all betting whether it be Pro Line or a sports betting web site.

I've been checking some of these sites and the Ti-Cats are either favoured or even with BC to win the Grey Cup at around 5:1. Another set of odds I saw is the over/under on wins for the season, the Ti-Cats are 10.5, if the Cats stay healthy I think 11 wins is certainly attainable. The other thing I've noticed is that different web sites will give slightly different odds, and this can be another thing that can be discussed.

For the most part I am not a gambler, I don't go to casinos, play the horses and only occasionally buy lottery tickets, so putting down $5 or $10 on a game is not that big of a deal, it's the price of a lottery ticket.

Many of us have wagered on the NFL in one form or another, be it a pool, "squares" or some other type of bet. I'm just trying to channel all of our collective knowledge to maybe help us increase the odds of winning.

If it's ok with everyone we can discuss things here and see how it goes.

Gambling is Gambling, But it is legal in some places, not sure about those web sites here in Ontario?
Betting one game is much easyer. OLG is a cash cow for Ontario Gov.

BET365 and Bodog Canada both sponsor the CFL. I have signed up for both, its very easy, and yes you can bet just one game at a time. In addition, Bodog has CFL Props, its a side bet, for example right now you can bet on who will have the most receiving yards, and many more, etc. click below.

[url=] ... -props.jsp[/url] [url=] ... utures.jsp[/url] [url=] ... ?&cb=18637[/url]

Is it easy to get your money when you win?

I've had some problems with Bodog in the past with getting my money when I won. They sent checks that bounced. They ended up making it right, but it took a long time. The problem with many on-line sports betting sites is the fees they charge to withdraw money. Often the fees are so high they eliminate the small-time players like me. Here's a pretty good discussion forum for these sorts of topics.

This discussion reminds me of a gambling PSA from a few years ago: a group of stereotypical New Jersey mobster types are sitting around in a warehouse: a big dopey underling comes to the boss and says "Hey boss, some kid just won a million bucks in our online casino. What should we do? Pay him?" and then they all break out laughing.

Parlay bets such as proline are considered sucker bets among some gamblers. Usually better to bet on single games. Perhaps, lottery corporations might offer single bets in the future? Thegreek and bet365 usually release their lines earlier than Pinnacle on Mondays. In recent seasons, blindly betting underdog pointspreads have been profitable.

I've used in the past and found them to be pretty good. I won about $300 betting on a Leaf game a few years ago and I recieved my money within about a week or two with no problems.
That was about the last time I wagered on a game. I don't bet very often.

They have the Ti-Cats a -5.5, which I think should be a fairly safe bet. I can see the Cats winning by more than 6 points. These early season games are usually the safer play because the odds makers have very little to go on. Later on in the season it may be more difficult because if the Hamilton offence is as potent as we expect it to be this season the spread will increase making it a tougher bet.