Sports Action Canadian Pro Football - Simulation Game

Recently I met someone, who like me owned the CFL Canadian Sports Action Pro Football Game. It was a a card and dice based simulation game similar to Strat-o-matic football.
The game had player cards for the seasons 73-76. and 80-87 I think.

I spent many hours playing this game with friends in Ottawa, including season recreations and draft tournaments.

If anyone is familiar with this game, drop me a line. There may be enough old game players to have a tournament!!!!

I've seen it on Ebay, but have never played it, I wonder if they still make CFL games like that.

I still have my Sports Action Canadian Pro Football... haven't played it in yrs but it was fun & fairly realistic. I think I have the 80, 81 & 87 seasons... I'd be very interested in taking a look at other seasons, if anyone has them.

I use to play that game as well. My group would alternate playing CFL seasons with playing NFL seasons on Strat.

I guess I'm old school, I'd rather play that type of game then play the NFL simulation computer games.

i once had that game many years ago,we had lots of fun playing it we had CFL and NFL cards.brings back good memorys.