..has the Rogers Edwards' caps that are on the River City Sports' site.

I picked up one at 9.98 and got 50% off of the second one.

[url=] ... sku=114763[/url] [url=] ... ?sku=96081[/url]

Lucky for me too considering I put off the online purchase until it was too late and the gifts are going on a plane tomorrow.

and on a related note... these look pretty darn cool. I'll look for them the next time I'm in the store. They remind me of the XFL ball that I liked so much.

[url=] ... leId=16252[/url]
[url=] ... leId=25270[/url]


i have one of those footballs in tiger-cats colours of course. came in a pack for 40 bucks with a cfl ball to

I was in Wal*Mart today. Wilson made red and white as well as black and silver "Pro Spiral" CFL branded balls. I imagine they look very cool when thrown.