Sport Select / Sports Picks

New to these boards, was looking around and didnt see anything frowning upon putting up our picks for the games every week. Should make for some interesting discussion.

Just wanting to make sure its not a no-no before I start putting out picks etc

if u go on the ti-cats forum there should be a thread where u can predict the score of the cats and als game and win some kind of prize

I don't see a problem with it. Too late to pick the first game (although I would have picked Winnipeg. I am shocked that it was so close). I will go with Montreal in the second by a Touchdown over Hamilton.

Welcome to the boards btw. :slight_smile:


I had hamilton to win, braincramp on my part. Good pick though, pretty much bang on

Hey thanks!

Good pointspread picks can be derived from top 4-8 pickers in Dave's contest. Winning at action select parlay is harder than betting single games at online sportbook.

single game picks are generally a good way to go for a decent chance to win, though the payout can be a little low..... Sports Select on the other hand....