Sponsorship Question: What Do YOU Do?

I'm wondering what everyone does in terms of supporting CFL's sponsors. How far do you go?

Myself, I switched to Gibson's Whisky recently and will only go to Rona for home renovation stuff. I don't drink Molson Canadian, as it's not really Canadian. I wish the CFL would hook up with Moosehead or Mill Street...no sense in sending my beer money out of the country.

So what do you do?

I'm lobbying the league to seek the sponsorship from whoever brews Cracked Canoe. Everytime a game is on, I hold up the bottle to the TV in a convincing sort of way.

And I ate at Wendy's once. Which, all things considered, is no small sacrifice.

Oh, and everyone is decked out head to toe in Rider gear. But that goes without saying around here. I think soon there are going to be Rider brand groceries.....

Cracked Canoe is brewed by Moosehead. :thup:

Molson Canadian is the Canadian division of Molson Coors, so your money isn't going out of the country.

As far as sponsors... I drink the occasional Tim Horton's coffee, and I eat at Wendy's fairly often. There's a store about a 7 minute walk from where I live, so it's convenient.

I don't drink Molson anymore... mostly because of a bad drunken experience. :lol: I usually drink Blue... are they associated with the league in any way?

I used Purolator once when I had to get a manuscript to the sender the very next day, and I missed the deadline for regular mail.

I don't do a lot of construction, so I don't shop at Rona... though my brother used to work there some years ago. :lol:

I'll be honest I don't really go out of my way to shop at CFL sponsors. I'll eat at Wendy's maybe once every few months, I went out of my way to go there during the kick for a million a few times but I try to stay away from fast food. The Rona here in Regina really hasn't given me many reasons to go back, and I'm not a huge coffee drinker so Tim's is pretty rare.

I watch global tv and other canwest specialty stations. I also read the vancouver province and sun

and when viagra becomes a sponser........

Celebrex already is.

Yeah, but he doesn't like those commercials, remember...

Wait t’ill he can’t get a stiffy anymore and he sees his wife driving around town with a dude from the pew behind him :slight_smile:

I am a loyal supporter of Vitamin 'P' or Lethbridge Pilsner. Alberta's gift to Saskatchewan.

hey now, no problem with the commercials, just some of the times and shows during which they are shown.

I buy a bottle of Gibson's a week during the Season. Went to Rona for the first time the other day. Can't bring myself to go to Wendy's and my Father-in-Law says the Baconater is terrible.
I miss the Adidas adverts.

i actually like all the sponsors products for the most part. so its easy for me. i love the baconator. especially now that you can get single, double or tripple, i like tims, i drink gibsons and wisers. beer... i like bud light lime though. and i shop at rona for my needs of home improvements. i also tell them at new stores "the cfl makes me shop here" basicly. and i email the companies and tell them i use there products because they are good, and because i love that they sponsor the cfl.

Did you guys get any gibsons cfl cups? i got the stamps one. i love it.

im also going to oder a slap chop... your going to love my nuts. man that vince is funny.

I've bought Gibsons in the past when I was drinking rye but also bought another Canadian brand. Try and shop at Rona in fact just bought about $100 there in the past week for some garage renos. Don't do burgers except at the house.

What's this about Gibson CFL cups...? :o

I've been making holes in all my sweaters and I take my bath with my clothes on.

two weeks ago, i went to booze store... and each bottle og gibsons had a CFL glass on top of it. 9 different ones. one with the grey cup on it, and then each team had one. guess i shoudl have got an eskimos one for ya.

Damn. I wonder if they have that sale going over here...? I'd love to get a CFL glass! :smiley:

It hasn't been "Lethbridge" pilsener since the 70s, when Molson's abandoned its brewery here.

It was a sad day when Molson bought out Sick's. At least they still have the brewery on the label.