Sponsors Galore for Cats' games at THF

In addition to the great new venue for us to watch a game in it is clear the Cats are raking in the sponsor money too - once our home games start to be played at Tim Horton's Field. (still hoping for August 16th but odds seem to be on the Labour Day game).

The Cats have been announcing various sponsors for the new venue summarized here

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-announce-major-partnerships-for-tim-hortons-field]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-ann ... tons-field[/url]

I'm looking forward to seeing things the Pioneer Energy Endzone and Coors Light Patio.

But all the sponsor stuff jumped out at me just now when I just opened up an envelope from the Cats with a 3 game flex pack of tickets and read all the sponsor names even printed on the tickets.

So not only do all tickets of course have the Tim Horton's name on it - the tickets to the Labour Day Game read - 'Gate 2 - Scotiabank Gate - Mark's CFL Labour Day Weekend featuring Purolator Tackle Hunger'. The tickets for the September 14th game read 'Gate 4 - Redtag.ca Gate - Presented by Nissan' and the tickets for an October 17th game read Gate 5 - Direct Energy Gate Presented by Direct Energy' (I hope Bob Young got Direct Energy to pay twice for that).

But I'm assuming just like the ticket buyers these sponsors only pay if the games are played at THF - so here's hoping for Bob Young's sake we get in there ASAP.

This is very huge for the Ti Cats going forward into the future. Across the board every team, even the Argos, as well as the league itself has exploded with high profile corporate sponsors.
Especially for Hamilton. with Ivory Wynn being the worst place to be able to add anything that could add a sponsor or corporate naming rights. Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, have all been able to add specialty sections like the now popular patio, add suites and club boxes to their current stadiums. Even the Argos for game days have been able to do so with very little effort.

I would love to see the breakdown from then at Ivory Wynn to now at THF for the revenue brought in.