Splodin' a Fridge at Tailgate on Sunday

Hey there, I guess I did something wrong cuz my other post was erased--sorry Ron. Wanted to let you all know though, that at Sunday's tailgate I'll be there, exploding a fridge. Come check it out...this's what I do! :rockin:

Is that street slang for putting so much beer in the fridge that is looks like it will burst open? Or are you literally putting a stick of dynamite in the thing?

If so, did you really manage to get a permit to do that? If yes, where will it be?

Yeah, I'm gonna be demoing my fridge removal service, so I'll be blowin the thing sky high. Check out my business: http://blowupthatfridge.com/

Oh, yeah, so I'll be right round the entrance, cross from that bar--just off of Robson. What's a permit?

Here's a video I made. It should tell you everything you need to know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_EAJAryrE4

Buddy...care to comment on BC Hydro temporarily(?) shutting down your website?


as stupid as blowing up a fridge is I am very intrigued.

"In accordance with Health and Safety regulation 126 b. Paragraph 9 detailing the unlawful use of explosives and/or explosive devices, Buddy's Frigerator Removal has been ordered to cease and desist all business activities."

Still blowing up that fridge at the game?

LMAO!!! That has to be the most ridiculous commercial I have ever seen! If I were in B.C., I'd definitely show up for this. :lol: