For some reason I have seen that word again in the forums recently.In other words was there Winnipeg spies doing the spy thing yet again against the Cats?Maybe that is why the Peg defense stopped us so easy in the semi-final.Waht do you think?
Did it happen again? :roll:

Our offence sucked.

JFL is completely right. I, and several others, mentioned "Spygate", the Winnipeg practice spying from 5 years ago, to compare it what the Cats did by picking up TJH before the semi. LaPolice was on the Cats then.

Spies had nothing to do with the fact that our players on offence were lining up in the wrong spots and running the wrong routes, even running into each other in one case. Face it. Our offence performed very badly, and the score (or lack thereof) reflected this.

Somebody in a previous thread mentioned that Terrence Jeffers-Harris was a mole. We'll know if he ends up going back to Winnipeg next year. :wink:

8) Exactly right. A completely inexcusable performance by a professional team, playing in the Eastern Championship
 and that being their 20th game of the season to boot !!!   <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->

Any mention of "spying" and "mole" needs a memory check that the Bombers owned the Ti-Cats this season. That's just a load of sour grapes to suggest such a thing. Maybe better coaching and better preparation would do the trick.