Spies or Eskimos?

ASSUMING we make the playoffs who would you guys rather have our Ticats face in the playoffs? The Bombers seem to be piecing everything together while the Esks look completely lost.

Right now I think I'd rather face the Esks. Ray does not look like the QB he once was while Bishop looks like Matt Dunigan right now. However, if we do end up playing the Bombers I can see Kevin Glenn having a huge game given the opportunity to eliminate the team that farted in his face.

I'd be happy if we just got in, but if I had to choose I think i'd take the Esk's since they're sputtering right now plus it'd be priceless to see Lumsden's face as the team he ditched rolls by the team he thought would easily win the cup this year.

Glenn will have that opportunity on November 8. And if he delivers, we may well get to face the Eskimos.

Agreed. Screw taking em out in the playoffs. More satisfying to keep em out of the playoffs all together...