Spies @ Lions game thread

Since no one else started one.

Bruce looks good in BC orange.

Bombers are playing super aggressive.

10 - 7 Bombers 3 min. into the 2nd qtr.

I still hate the Bummers

GO BC!!!!!!

UGH!!.. a holding call negates a BC TD!!

The Evil Mosquitoes are winning! LOL

I was actually supposed to go to this game but my friend who had the tickets and invited me couldn't go. I couldn't find anyone else at such short notice. Didn't want to go alone so I gave both tickets away free on craigslist.

Simon comes up big.. FD West Cats!!

BC FG ties it at 10 - 10.

Fred Reid limps off the field. Doesn't look too serious.

13 - 10 Bummers at the half!

The score flatters WPG

Wow.. did BC ever fold up tent and leave town....

Bummers are doing to BC what TiCats were supposed to do the blue team.

No.. BC is doing what the blew team were SUPPOSED to do against Hamilton..... FOLD!