Spies-Lions game thread (Aug. 21. 10:30 p.m. ET, TSN)

Will the Lions restore their roar? Will the Spies rebound after their debacle against the Als?

How many Field Turf pellets can Bish dislodge with his laserdivots tonight?



It's game two of a bye week doubleheader!

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TSN.ca's preview of the game:


Oski Wee Wee,


man, where did you get that quote in your signature? LMAO!!!

I completely fail to see why people think mike bishop is such and incredible, and under-rated QB that never 'got a fair chance'...

I mean damn... the emphasis on his skill and achievements throughout his career has been on his running, and not his throwing.

it's true! do a google seach on Mike Bishop, and click on the wiki link.

the guy has no mind for football, hell, he'd even look to run befor throw in the AFL of all places, where you have a maximum 3 receivers... 3!!!!

and people think it so great he rolls out of the pocket, he does it so he only has to read from one hash mark to the sideline, and forget the other 2/3rds of the field.

anyway, who am i to say, the guy has played at least 1 more pro-game than i ever have! lol :wink:

That's me on a roll in a game thread on here. :wink: More to come tonight!

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Hopefully I can last the "full" distance for this game.... was up at 5:00am for work this AM

with September 1 looming...is this Bish's last SPY game...or will we have WEEK AFTER WEEK of DIVOTPALOOZA?!

:D :D :D

Well, laughter is a good sedative! LOL

Tough call Russ.. i think he stays the duration.. Kelly will NEVER admit to TWO mistakes!!

Well, by halftime, BC could have 20 point lead. And unlike the Ticats, WPG would be unlikely to come back from that.

Now, will Kelly want Bishop to take pay cuts after this one? If he had to take a pay cut for every bad pass he threw…

How many picks will Bishop throw tonight? I’ll go with three. A hat trick seems like a safe bet. :slight_smile:

Bish is hereby christened "JJ2" as the natural successor to Jimmy Jones.

Barron Miles is gooooooooooood. LOL


I wrote that on July 26. I stand by EVERY word. :wink:

When does Kelly take a pay cut.

JJ2 with the sack avoidance.

2 and out for WPG.

J. Jackson picks up where he left off last week, nice pass for FD.

It’s a non issue - handled internally. Next question?

WHAT a catch!!!


Wow! Great deep pass to Arceneaux for TD. One-handed catch!