Spies at Shipwrecks (TSN, 7:30 PM ET)

Kickoff is imminent.



Sqeezed Lemons and rung Bells. LOL

I can imagine there may be spies in a LaPolice state. :slight_smile:

I'm predict a win by the team that we may still call the spies. Getting rid of the two Mikes (Kelly and Bishop) that kept them from getting far will help them.

It begins with Jeffers-Harris trying hard to do what Thiggy did...

a FREE 23 yards for the Bummers


A turnover!!

Got to bw happy Durrie..

Even if he is an Argo

Too bad Pierce did not struggle with getting a grip on it last week.

Unforced error puts blew team in FG range.

3-0 Argos!!!

Geez.. I almost want the blew team to win.. just to shut those annoying trolls from MosquitoLand up

3-0 Blue Team with the Shaw FG.

I also saw that segment. Very interesting.

Copeland looked like he had that, but could not hang on, 3rd down.

Shaw is good, no Shaw-shank there.

3-0 shipwreck.




:lol: :lol: :lol:

oooooooooooooooo White Lightning Catches his 2nd Pass

Oh I know it is..... but even I'm almost feeling that way. Somebody help me!

Maybe I could be distracted by some "other delights."

3-0 Shipwrecks.. so far buck as look very Avg.

Shipwrecks defence looks ok so far!

I want both of these teams look unimpressive, as we have seen from them before.

We did see that from Pierce on that turnover. Hope to see them continue to look beatable as they are our opponents next week.

Big 1st down run by Boyd